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News : Hear Black Flag’s “Damaged” re-recorded by 15 Melbourne bands at Goatsound

By on June 10, 2015

11393365_480900262076056_5291410239828525161_oLast month, 15 Melbourne bands entered Goatsound Recording/Rehearsal Studios (owned and operated by Jason “P.C.” Fuller from Blood Duster/The Ruiner) to re-record the legendary Black Flag album “Damaged”. Each band was given one song from the album, and they had half an hour to complete their cover. Now you can hear the legendary hardcore-punk record in an entirely new way – from acoustic protest to full-blown grindcore covers – and perhaps discover a Melbourne band you’ve never heard before from it.

Using the project as a way to promote the new Goatsound studio and rehearsal rooms, Fuller reports that the day of recording was relatively stress-free.

“The fact that we managed to have 15 bands (approx 60 people) in the studio with no major issues was ace! I’m also pleased to report that all bands involved played really well, almost everyone was on time and in most cases we actually had time to spare!”

You can read the list of bands and songs below and download the album for free from the Goatsound Bandcamp. But if you want to throw some money towards the hard work put into this project, all profits will be donated to Sea Shepherd Australia.

1. The Kill – Rise Above
2. Jamie Hay/Liam White – Spray Paint
3. The Sure Fire Midnights – Six Pack
4. Broozer – What I see
5. Party Vibez – TV Party
6. Hotel Wrecking City Traders – Thirsty & Miserable
7. The Ruiner – Police Story
8. Acid Vain – Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
9. Watchtower – Depression
10. DevilMonkey – Room 13
11. Hostile Objects – Damaged II
12. Flour – No More
13. Vicious Circle – Padded Cell
14. Blunt Shovel – Life of Pain
15. Daniel Tucceri – Damaged I



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