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Album Reviews : King Parrot – Dead Set

By on May 9, 2015

10407820_1051087624921432_6114863985854923689_nThe anticipation around the new King Parrot album has been palpable.

Is just a few short years, these guys have built a reputation of not only delivering ferocious songs, but insanely entertaining and ferocious live shows and brilliant films clips; always piss funny, and always leaving you wanting more.

They’re a bunch of characters on stage and off, but also so dedicated to their sound, so I was bloody keen to see what they would come up with from album number 2, especially now it had the full attention of one Phillip H Anselmo. Would he change them and their sound? Would they lose an edge, would it become just noise?

Pffft, Phuck no.

Listening to this album, there’s not one song that would make you believe that Phil has been anything but a positive influence. He genuinely loves King Parrot, and as Matt Young told me last week, things went through the ‘Phil shit filter’, which is great when you can have a producer giving it to you straight and trying to get the best out of you, rather than change what you do as a band.

I hate to use the word ‘mature’ when it comes to King Parrot’s new album Dead Set, because let’s face it, that’s an oxymoron of the highest order,  but how do I describe this new song writing effort? Indulge me for a moment if you will…

Evolution? Nah, that might make you think that they’ve changed.

Better? Well that might make you think that previous efforts aren’t great, which simply isn’t true.

Educated? Perhaps that’s the word? Yes, they’re better educated at how to make King Parrot noise.

There are little nuances on this album which make your ears prick up and go.. ‘oh, I like that’. Actually, the start of track 7 for example, “Sick in The Head”, it’s got this… nahhh I’m not giving anything away. In fact that song is probably my favourite on the album. It’s a hit. Needs a clip. Other favourites, (they’re hard to choose and change every day) are track 3, “Hell Comes Your Way” and track 5, “Tomorrow Turns To Blood”, all again, thanks to the little educated things that are different from what we’ve heard on Bite Your Head Off.

Rest assured dear Parrot enjoyers, you will not be disappointed with Dead Set, in fact, I dare say you’ll listen through the album once, and instantly start it again, just to cement your favourite song.

10 tracks, all balls to the wall flat out, riffy, groovy, fuzzy, aggressive, King Parrot deliciousness.


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