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Album Reviews : The Voynich Code – Ignotum

By on April 16, 2015

a3864153676_2The Voynich Code are a tech/deathcore band from Lisbon, Portugal and it is clear from the very beginning that the lads have listened a fair bit to the deathcore masterminds Born of Osiris.

The first two tracks on the EP are really quite memorable, the riffs are interesting, the groove is quite refreshing and it is obvious that these guys possess some serious talent. Much like Aversion’s Crown’s Tyrant, this EP has a “doomsday” vibe to it. The problem I have is that the exact same apocalyptic vibe is used for the entirety of the EP, and while it fits the style of the music it fairly quickly becomes a bit dull. The vocals add to this feeling. They are extremely powerful but they sound exactly the same on every song. After three songs I feel that, no matter how well produced and how skilled the musicians are, it just becomes a bit claustrophobic. I find myself wanting to listen to something that has at least a little bit of variety. The prog elements serves to keep it interesting for a while, but not throughout the entire EP.

That being said, I believe that deathcore fans in general will enjoy this release. They have some interesting things going on, and if you consider the fact that the members have only been together for about a year, they could very well be a name for the future. The EP artwork is also absolutely fantastic!

Check out the opening tracks “Antithesis” and “Amunet, The Decider”. They will blow your mind!


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