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Album Reviews : Sanzu – Painless

By on April 4, 2015

10818426_1028753650474317_5069631771367357413_oSanzu are a progressive death metal band from Perth, WA. The band is set to release their debut 5-track EP Painless on April 11, while also hosting an EP launch gig at the Rosemount hotel in North Perth on the same day.

I have recently felt that I’ve been struggling to find new death metal interesting. Mainly due to the fact that the genre seem to be very popular at the moment and I find that many new death metal bands pretty much sound the same. I wasn’t quite convinced that Sanzu was my thing after having heard the EP for the first time, it didn’t sound like something I hadn’t heard before.

However, I discovered another layer to the music the second and the third time I gave the EP a spin. Sanzu is like a fusion between Morbid Angel and Gojira and the slightly prog twist is interesting and sets them apart from other bands in the same genre. It’s not truly ground-breaking, but there are flashes of brilliance here and there. I feel that the guitars in particular are the standout element. The fact that this is a debut EP makes this band an interesting find, I feel like they have a lot potential and it doesn’t feel like the band would have any problems with creating a quality full length record.

I’m very impressed with the production of the EP and the artwork looks great. The single “For All” is the standout track and I feel that it paints a pretty good picture of what the EP is like, give it a listen and if you like it, buy Painless!

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Perth, Australia

Track list:
1. 18 Days of Rain
2. For All
3. Defamer
4. Variant Red
5. Lunar Crush


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