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Album Reviews : Black Sheep Wall – I’m Going To Kill Myself

By on January 25, 2015

SOM332-Black-Sheep-Wall-500X500px-72dpi-RGBThis is an odd album for me. I feel like I enjoy the idea of this record more than I enjoy listening to it, which I suspect might be the band’s intention.

I’ve been a fan of Black Sheep Wall for a little while now (and Admiral Angry before them), and can’t help but think this is what it feels like when your favourite comedian tries his hand at dramatic acting, and pulls it off. It’s fantastic, but it’s art and now you don’t get it. Every so often the curtain comes down to reveal a glimpse of their previous self, but soon enough it’s back up, and you’re left wondering why the funny person is making you bite your bottom lip and hold back tears in front of your housemates.

First up, I love the moxy of this group. From calling the album I’m Going To Kill Myself (brilliant), to naming their 33 minute epic closing track “Metallica” (even more brilliant), to having the 9 minute intro track entirely played on clean guitar, these guys take not-giving-a-fuck to saintly levels. I suppose that might be the joy of being in a respectable mid-sized band playing niche music; you have nothing to lose, and no one expecting a single or mainstream success. What we love about Black Sheep Wall is that they alone are Black Sheep Wall, and if they want to release a four track EP that goes for an hour, that involves off-kilter and genuinely unsettling riffs and rhythms, then boy howdy they’re gonna do it and do it right!

It’s a selfish complaint, but I really do wish they broke these songs up into more manageable chunks. If the tracks were split more along the lines of Catch 33 by Meshuggah, then you could bounce around to the sections you like most. But again, I think that would be missing the point. They don’t want you to do that. You don’t play “I’m Going To Kill Myself” for a couple of minutes here and there. You fucking strap your helmet on, and you sit there and grin and bare it until the whistle blows and you’re forced over the edge of the trench, straight into mortar shells, machine guns and obliteration. It’s an ordeal. It hurts. That’s the point.

As the tracks go on it gets harder and harder to find an oasis in the clutter. There are no safety hooks or calming choruses – it’s just a junk yard of sludge metal melting down around you. I think this band has created exactly what they aimed to do, and I love them for it. I also really do love the music. You might too. Just don’t expect to be able to enjoy it in small doses. It’s all or nothing.

Band: Black Sheep Wall
Album: I’m Going To Kill Myself
Genre: Sludge/Post-Hardcore
Label: Season Of Mist
Origin: USA


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