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News : Alkira release one of the funniest music videos of 2014

By on November 12, 2014

South Australian thrashers Alkira are on a roll at the moment. After the release of their debut album ‘Juggernaut’ and successful shows to promote it, Alkira have released a music video for the first single ‘Submission Therapy’. The hilarity that unfolded was not what I was expecting at first watch!

This video takes you through the ordinary day of house number 3 at Alkira Avenue, featuring “Horny Housewife” Kyle Rockwell, “Grumpy Old Cunt” Trev, and Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders as the neighbour. Visits from the “Perverted Plumber”, “Pool Cleaner” and “Delivery Dingus” all end in submission holds and torture, leaving Skitz with nothing to say but “Fuckin’ Alkira, fuckin’ dickheads!”. Overall, genius work from Alkira. I would love to see a second episode of Alkira Avenue for their next music video, or something similar.

Watch the video below, and stream/purchase their new album from Bandcamp.


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