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Album Reviews : Dot The Eyes – Eden’s Brigade EP

By on September 19, 2014

dot the eyes - eden's bridage cover artThis is probably the first time I’ve really had problems with figuring out what to write in a review.

Anyway, I suppose I should start with the basics. Dot The Eyes are a band from Melbourne. They formed in 2007 and according to their Facebook page this EP (and future album) has been in the works for 6 years (that means less than one song per year). Now, they say that they play “metal”. This is true. But, if a person that was obsessed with subgenres would listen to Dot The Eyes and desperately wanted to sort them into something else than just “metal”, I think this person would try. And try. And try again. And then fail, miserably.

I guess I should say that I think it’s a shame that the production of this EP really isn’t up to par whatsoever, which is a shame. However, if it was only the production that was the downside here, I could let that one slip, because obviously not everyone will have the opportunity to make good quality records. But, I just don’t understand the music. I’ve tried to wrap my head around it all week, and I just don’t GET IT. The growls are fine, they sound like they belong. But then there are the actual “clean” vocals that are, in lack of a better word, weird. I really don’t know if I could explain them in any other way, they sound like something I’ve never heard before. Which would be pretty interesting, I suppose, if it wasn’t for the fact that they don’t really fit with the music at all. That being said I don’t know if they would fit with any music at all.

That’s downside number one to this release. The next one is the actual music. I realise that at times I ask myself if Dot The Eyes try to incorporate prog elements into their music, or if they are just not very solid musicians. I’m still not sure which one it is.

I just can’t like this EP. I would want to hear it re-recorded with better equipment, maybe then the music would do itself justice, but I am not sure.

What does the future hold for Dot The Eyes? They will release their full length album called The Eden Dilemma at some point (the five songs on Eden’s Brigade will be on this album). I should also mention that it is a concept album “about the rise to power and how it corrupts in a fictional setting of London”.

If I had to recommend one song from this EP, it would be The Eden Dilemma. It is oddly addictive!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=386334504 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Band: Dot The Eyes

Album: Eden’s Brigade EP

Year: 2014 (July)

Genre: Metal

Label: Independent

Origin: Melbourne, Victoria


  1. Ricochet
  2. The Pulse
  3. Treachery [The 8th Sin]
  4. The Eden Dilemma
  5. Can’t Fight


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