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Album Reviews : Wolf – Devil Seed

By on September 15, 2014

Sweden’s Wolf are the metal band equivalent of your local pub, nothing excited or special, but you are guaranteed a good time. Having only listened to them on and off through the years, I have never actually sat down and gave one of their albums a proper listen from start to finish. With the release of their 7th and latest album ‘Devil Seed’, I figured now is as good as time as any.

Having been around since 1995, Wolf are well established in the metal scene, having a strong local and international following. Based in Sweden, they have a music styling similar to that of fellow countrymen Grand Magus, albeit with a far less serious tone. They are definitely wearing their influences on their sleeves, bringing back the vibe of old Saxon and Judas Priest for the new generation of metalheads.

The album starts off with the obligatory introduction track with a punny name, ‘Overture in C Shark’. This leads nicely into ‘Shark Attack’, which kicks of the album for real with a bang, containing a nice catchy riff, pumping chorus and a nice little solo. Next up is ‘Skeleton Woman’ with a spacey opening and groovy chorus, the middle eastern-esque solo section helps keeps things fresh. I found ‘Surgeons of Lobotomy’ quite slow and very ho-hum, and this is the point of the album where the songs start to blend into each other. Things pick up with briefly towards the end with ‘The Dark Passenger’, which is still mid paced and very NWOBHM, but most of the tracks really start to sound the same.

This band loves old school heavy metal and it shows through the production. While there is a very retro vibe throughout the whole album, the modern production helps keep things fresh without over polishing anything.

While some of the tracks do sound a bit same-ish, I have a soft spot for this type of music and can’t help but sing and bop along. Overall it’s a great album but not one to listen to from start to finish, it is more suited to add it to your party mix and spread the love throughout the night.

Band: Wolf
Album: Devil Seed
Year: 2014
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Century Media
Origin: Sweden

Track list:
1. Overture in C# Shark
2. Shark Attack
3. Skeleton Woman
4. Surgeons Of Lobotomy
5. My Demon
6. I Am Pain
7. Back From The Grave
8. The Dark Passenger
9. River Everlost
10. Frozen
11. Killing Floor