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Album Reviews : MetalStorm – I: Saeculum Obscurum

By on August 29, 2014

Fun fact; Saeculum Obscurum is Latin for the Dark Age, a period of history in which the Popes were strongly influence by a powerful and corrupt family. Now we can add to that definition that Saeculum Obscurum is the 2nd EP from thrash band MetalStorm. Besides having a difficult name to Google, MetalStorm are a five piece from Melbourne who specialise in thrash metal while borrowing elements from death and black metal.

MetalStorm have been in existence since 2011 with one EP ‘Fully Loaded Nightmare’ released on local label Call to Arms. Since then there has been a switch of label to Old School Cartel and a new drummer has joined the ranks, Matt Cleary formerly of Lamort.

The four tracks on offer are short and sharp, and hopefully a taste of things to come with their next EP. This EP sounds like if modern Kreator had listened to a bit too much black metal, with plenty of crushing riffs and powerful drum/bass combo.

The album opener and stand out track ‘Oracle of the Dead’ builds momentum throughout the track. The foreboding opening riff reappears midway through the song overlayed with overwhelmingly good solo comprising of harmonised guitars. ‘Kneel to the Beast’ more on the mid paced side but still brutal with the pummelling drum/bass groove throughout. ‘Forging the Blade of Vengeance’ is a more straight forward thrash track but by no means is it ordinary. The send-off track, ‘Fire Made Flesh’, is aggressive closer comprising of a relentless thrashy/sweepy riff and ends the EP by channelling Watain resulting in a black metal tinged conclusion.

It is obvious that a lot of care has been taken with the production of this EP as is obvious from the quality of the recording. Everyone’s skills are allowed to shine through and everything is super clean and tight, in particular the drum work is phenomenal, really showcasing the new drummer’s skillset. If you twisted my arm I would say the production may be a little too clean for my tastes, but that is really just being a picky prick.

Offering a contrast to some of the rawer young thrash bands around with their old school in your face thrash, MetalStorm provide a modern, polished approach to thrash. Keep your eyes on these guys and expect big things once their next EP is released.

Band: MetalStorm
Album:  I: Saeculum Obscurum
Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal
Label: Old School Cartel
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track list:
1. Oracle of the Dead
2. Kneel to the Beast
3. Forging the Blade of Vengeance
4. Fire Made Flesh