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Album Reviews : Hemina – Nebulae

By on August 21, 2014


The follow up to their hugely successful 2012 release ‘Synthetic’, Sydney’s very own ‘Hemina’ are back with their latest album ‘Nebulae’ which is an absolute progressive metal beauty. The fun, melodic vibe that this four-piece progressive outfit gives out with their music is one that will make you hit the play button over and over again!

The album begins with the soft and soothing tunes of ‘Before’, and the combination of vocals is outstanding! The ending of this track leads into the next one, ‘Nightlives’ which is faster, and boasts the sheer talent of all four vocalists. Yes this band has four vocalists! The soaring chorus is one that you will pick up quickly just so you can sing along. Half-way through, Doug bursts into this high pitched yell of sorts and it just goes to show the versatility of this man’s vocal cords, (who also happens to be the guitarist of yet another awesome Sydney progressive band ‘Anubis’) ! And speaking of versatility, the song takes a complete turn, slowing down to a mid-paced rhythmic beat, leading me to think I was actually listening to a new song.

Freedom’ kicks off with some upbeat drumming, has a ripper of a guitar solo midway followed by some very cool synth-like sounds pulling together the uniqueness of Hemina’s catchy style while ‘Lust’ ventures into more jazzy realms, and is one of those easy-listening tracks. What caught my attention the most is the progression on this one, because it begins with a soothing jazz-influenced intro and very simple vocals but transcends without warning into a heavier section that’s interrupted with the occasional djent-ness of mini breakdowns, followed by some clean leads that add to the mellower sections. There’s so much going on in this song that you don’t really realize the time length.

Soulmates’ is probably my favourite track off this album, a gorgeous duet which begins with a very simple rhythmic opening hook that instantly gets your attention and sure enough leads into a blissful aural experience with bassist Jessica’s vocals being the standout on this, with the rest of the band joining in, in between. There’s just total unison among all four members as their voices flow along with the simple harmonic riffs, the distant drums and it makes for an absolutely pleasant listen. Tracks like ‘Strength’ and ‘Hope’ are incredible in terms of instrumentation and musicianship and pick up the pace, mood and tempo of the abum. ‘Strength’ has this fun bounce and some energetic beats that you can air-drum along too and this brilliant, charming orchestral section. The eerie tunes of ‘Otherwordly’ make for a fantastic album closer, and quite frankly is an apt name for the track as it’s airy tunes really do take you into another world.
We all know it. This is a very very strong progressive album and exhibits the musical maturity of the band on so many levels! What I love most is the band chemistry between all four muscians, each one’s contribution highlighting the others. Jess’s beautiful sweet voice perfectly compliments the strong,vocals of Doug, the simple yet elegant lyrics and the layers of intricate melodies and metallic technicality that really mkae this band stand out! There is no doubt that they are a rising, promising progressive metal act in Australia, and undeniably one of the best! Give ‘Nebulae’ a listen and prepare to be whisked away into another world!

Band: Hemina
Album: Nebulae
Year: 2014
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Bird’s Robe Records
Origin: Sydney, Australia


1. Before
2. Nightlives
3. Freedom
4. Lust
5. Soulmates
6. Strength
7. Loss
8. Hope
9. Promise
10. Otherworldly


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