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Album Reviews : Demonic Resurrection – The Demon King

By on August 15, 2014

the demon king Demonic Resurrection are without a doubt one of my favourite metal bands and a band that I have the deepest respect for. Hailing from the Motherland, India, this five piece death metal outfit from Mumbai have returned after four years with their fourth album ‘The Demon King’ and let me tell you it is an absolute stunner! It stands as pure evidence that they really are in a league of their own with the way they’ve combined elements of various genres defining the album; a culmination of all the good things metal has to offer.

‘The Assassination’ opens this album on a severely heavy note. “The King Is Dead!” growls Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija, inducing immediate windmilling. It’s a beast of a track and has so much going on, symphonic atmosphere, punishing vocals, and an immediate aural assault of blast beats. Not only is this the most epic intro to an album, it’s just a taste of the savage brutality that is unleashed throughout. ‘Facing The Faceless’ is next and the harsh vocals on this track pierce through your brain but are balanced out by more soothing cleans.That’s probably one of my favourite things about DR; they always seem to do everything right and in the right amounts. Very rarely will you hear the overpowering of one instrument over another. Probably my pick of the album, ‘The Promise Of Never’ is a brilliant track that proves the extent to which this band is versatile. Listening to it you’ll instantly pick up on the various sections of extreme and death metal they’ve pulled together to create a massive sound.‘Death, Desolation and Despair’ is a downright monster-song with its heavy and melodic instrumentation, great song structure and those guttural vocals giving you chills down your spine. I felt like I was entering battle listening to this! Around half-way through the track, it transcends into a much darker tone but that lingering melody and double bass still kicking arse!

Diverse progression and unpredictability continues on the title track ‘The Demon King’ and as expected will give you heart palpitations. Filled with a heavy groove, it takes the album in a new direction with the relentless guitar shredding and the keys guiding the track. Many of the songs on this such as ‘Architect Of Destruction’ and ‘Trail Of Devastation’ have a strong Dimmu Borgir/ Fleshgod Apocalypse feel to it with the same rhythmic headbangable quality and stream of melodies that captivate you. The thrashy, supersonic riffing and fat bass tones courtesy of Ashwin Shriyan in ‘Shattered Equilibrium’ peppered with keys that are reminiscent of Septicflesh with an excellent solo towards the end just goes to show yet again the pro instrumentation and musicianship that this band puts forth. The haunting demeanor of instrumental track ‘The End Paradox’ aptly named, closes this album, Virendra Kaith on the drums triumphantly hammering into a build up of symphonic elegance that boasts a roaring victory.

In all honesty and with bias aside, this lot bring a metallic creativity and an undeniable brutality to their music. With ‘The Demon King’, it’s evident that Demonic Resurrection have evolved musically. It is their best music yet and puts them in the same league as bands like Rotting Christ, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and I’d say even Behemoth! The perfect balance of symphonic and blackened death metal, elements from each making the album one that is in my opinion, quite addictive . With a melodic ferocity that is special to them, Demonic Resurrection have once again proved why their brand of metal is one that will not only influence other bands but will dominate the metal world if they haven’t already! Support these guys, buy this album (or any of their previous ones), see them at a show, because they are worth every minute of your time!

Band: Demonic Resurrection
Album: The Demon King
Year: 2014
Genre: Symphonic/Blackened Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records ( USA)/ Universal Music (India)
Origin: India

1. The Assisnation
2. Facing The Faceless
3. The Promise Of Never
4. Death,Desolation and Despair
5. The Demon King
6. Architect Of Destruction
7. Trail of Devastation
8. Shattered Equilibrium
9. Even Gods Do Fall
10. The end Paradox











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