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Album Reviews : Toehider – What Kind Of Creature Am I?

By on August 6, 2014

What kind of creature is this album? If you answered: a full and vibrant blast of musical enjoyment and exuberance, then you are in the ballpark. I love it when an album leaves me with nothing to say about it save for “Get this album”. Seriously, get a copy of this album; it is a completely enjoyable and satisfying aural bombardment.

Now, Toehider have oft dipped a toe or two (yeah, yeah; boom tish) into straight up metal, and whilst there is the rhythm and feel of some excellent Prog-Metal to be found here, to call it as such seems like a disservice. There is no range, depths and corners that this album won’t chase you to and get into your mind. From the waltzing vocal melody of The Thing with Me, to the funky swing of Whatever Makes You Feel Superior, there is not a moment in this album that doesn’t burst with excitement and uninhibited animation. Get this album.

The vast collection of the appropriated elements creates a brilliant constellation of sound that must be heard, and will be appreciated.  The best way to sum this album up is that it is, simply and unmistakably fun. This is the kind of music that your inner child, your higher mind, and your internal grouch, can all get along to and have a great time enjoying. It is as if Mike Mills went into this project and thought Nope, no boundaries, and has delivered such in beautiful fashion, with the same enthusiasm he has brought to all his albums and EPs. Get this album.

For as much complexity there is to the composition, there is no pretension in its creation; it is straight up, bold faced musical madness. Where it goes with the earnest route of Spoilt for Choice, and the utter simplicity of a song entitled Whoa, seem so dissimilar but are wound together so tightly there is no mistaking them for anything else than Toehider. The whole work bursts from its chaotic seams with complete and total merriment, through all its varying tones and shades that is inescapable and engrossing. Get this album.

This entire album is like one, giant, whacky road trip through a flamboyantly painted Vegas-style landscape with a bunch of lunatics turned Greek chorus that, every 50km, turn into chainsaw juggling bears in business suits; and if that description doesn’t get you intrigued, then maybe I should see that psychiatrist. Get this album.

Band: Toehider
Album: What Kind Of Creature Am I?
Year: 2014
Genre: Prog rock/metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, VIC

Track list:
1. You and I Both Lose (But 5 Wins)
2. Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
3. The Thing With Me
4. What Kind Of Creature Am I?
5. Smash It Out
6. Spoilt For Choice
7. Whoa
8. Under The Future, We Bury The Past
9. Meet The Sloth
10. Geese Lycan


Hailing from parts unknown (actually, it’s Melbourne), Tristan is a freelance writer and lover of metal, with a special place in his heart for Power and Folk metal. After playing in a number of local Melbourne metal bands, and completing his Bachelor of Arts, Tristan focuses his attention to the pursuit of writing, practicing the Liechtenauer School of swordsmanship, dabbling in Cosplay and reciting Babylon 5 quotes; in addition to hunting for a publisher for his novel. Until then, he enjoys metal, writing about metal and convincing people around his office that he is immortal and has lived for 3,000 years. (So far only the chick in HR is buying it)