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Album Reviews : Super Fun Happy Slide – Drop Your Pants & Grind

By on August 6, 2014

Super Fun Happy Slide are like the smart kid that never applied himself. They’ve got all the potential, all of the innate talent and learned skill, and none of the fucking drive to do anything other than disrupt the class and beat off in the bushes at recess.

But they’re also the kid that makes you laugh. They make you smile even when you’re trying to hate them for what they said about your mum, or what they’re doing to some really excellent riffs.
I don’t know if it’s a grindcore trope to sound like rusty shit, but these guys somehow even pull that off effortlessly. It’s grindy – you’ve got the buzz, the blasting, and the gurgling multi-layered screams, all done with a Garage Band sounding production and a relaxed attitude that would shame a coma patient. But fuck if they aren’t still damn good.

The stand out for the album is, besides the vocals, the memorable, heavy, and dare I say enjoyable riffs throughout. I’m not usually drawn to the guitars on any record, but they’re placed front and centre by Super Fun Happy Slide, and for good reason. Every song has at least one fucking killer, and most songs are entirely made out of them.

But even still, when I listen to this I can’t help but feel like it deserves a production along the lines of Every Time I Die’s Ex-Lives; something that does the musicianship and song writing justice. If these guys really wanted to, they could lengthen out the tracks and write some amazing metal. But they seem content to just beat of in the bushes, which is fun, but not for long.

Bonus points for Home & Away samples. Marks deducted for joke song titles.

Band: Super Fun Happy Slide
Album: Drop Your Pants & Grind
Year: 2014
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Blastasfuk
Origin: Melbourne, VIC

Track list:
1. Drop Your Pants & Grind
2. Gift Wrapped Ballsack
3. Napalm Shower
4. GoreTRON
5. Chunder Blunder
6. Boot Full of Custard
7. Maximum Titty
8. Call Me The Cheese Inspector
9. The Funky Smell of Fuck
10. Homebrand Holocaust (Egrogsid cover)
11. Whammy Barred Up
12. Firecracker Up Ya Clacker
13. Mouth to Mouth Regurgitation
14. Blow It Out Your Arse, Fuckface!
15. Prison Without Walls (Napalm Death cover)
16. Schoolgirl Shishkebab
17. A Bloodstorm at JB Hi-Fi
18. Ignorance Convention
19. Tantalising Remnants
20. True Love is a Bloody Cock
21. Clit Cannibal (Libido Airbag cover)
22. Slippery For All The Wrong Reasons
23. What’s That Taste In My Mouth?


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