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Album Reviews : Fallen Order – The Age of Kings

By on August 4, 2014

Fallen Order have been hailed as one of New Zealand’s more exciting, up and coming acts; and with their debut EP The Age of Kings, it is not hard to see why. The Age of Kings is an EP that the die-hard Trad-Metal fan will fall head over heels in love with, with its full and flighty gallops and rock solid drumming, not to mention a healthy serve of strong gang vocals.

There is a lot of energy to the effort that keeps a good pace and has a clear signature to it, and that is the mark of a promising act. (To me, at least) Fallen Order fall nicely into the category of Traditional Metal, but they also bring their own exacting elements to the table; whilst the influences on the music are apparent there are a few interesting little tweaks to the sound and composition of their tracks that, whilst I wouldn’t say is refreshing or particularly exciting, is brisk and full of life. There are a number of good headbanging moments to be found on the EP, and it remains consistent and robust throughout, in keeping with its milieu.

A lot of the staples of other traditional metal bands are on display here and the overall feel of the EP can be a little samey when comparing it to other acts of its ilk; Fallen Order have done their best to distinguish themselves with the use of a, rather burly, baritone vocal. It fits in with the tone and style especially well, with only a few instances where it sounds a touch out of place, but this is resolved with a firm and suitable range to the vocals that complement both rhythm and melody, making for one of the more notable impressions left by the EP.

The guitars are the other big impression made on The Age of Kings, and whilst they may not be the most exhilarating and imposing of presences for a Trad-Metal band, they do the job of filling out the EP and keep it from slipping into it being just another EP by just another band; that is not to say nothing about the concrete of the rhythm section, that holds up this mighty little stronghold, with its own express vigor. The title track, standing at a sturdy 9:18, will sell you on the fact that Fallen Order know what they’re doing and are doing a damned good job at it. If this is an entrée, then the main course sounds all the more enticing. (If you’ll forgive the culinary metaphor)

There is a polish to this work that shows that there was a lot of passion put into its making, and that is an essential for Metal; the feel and, for want of a better term, atmosphere of The Age of Kings is one of solid, driving and unrelenting gusto, and it is all but esteemed. Fallen Order’s The Age of Kings is a well put together piece; it’s not particularly mold breaking but it is a good little five track EP that will get the fire started.

Band: Fallen Order
Album: The Age of Kings
Year: 2014
Genre: Traditional metal
Label: Independent
Origin: New Zealand

Track list:
1. Stand Together
2. Sign Your Life Away
3. Falling Down
4. Beyond Death
5. The Age of Kings


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