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Album Reviews : Voros – The Sky Burial EP’s

By on July 27, 2014

Just because you don’t know what to call it doesn’t mean you can’t like it. I think modern day metalheads will look back on the current proliferation of sub-genres the same way celebrities look back on their hair cuts from the 90’s, or the same way my mum looks back on her decision to have a child.

Embarrassed and disappointed with themselves. We didn’t have to subdivide and subdivide until every band was their own genre. We could’ve just admitted we all like heavy music, used the term “metal” for want of a better word, and gotten back to whatever the fuck it was we were doing before we started arguing on YouTube videos.

Case in point; Voros. I think (though I can’t be sure) that they sound like a death-tinged New Wave of American Heavy Metal-core. But I don’t actually give a shit, because they’re good. They’re heavy. They get you headbanging. There’s quick bits. Their singer screams no matter what the situation calls for. There are guitar solos (the one let down of the album, and yes I will judge every band accordingly).

This is just metal, there’s no other way to describe. It doesn’t have a fashion, a scene, costumes, pretensions, self-consciousness. It’s made for the live show; it’s tough as shit and it doesn’t care what you think of it. It sounds the way diesel smells. It sounds the way assault rifles and bears look.

The Sky Burial has everything it needs; the right amount of hooks, melodies, breakdowns and blast beats, and all done without being obnoxiously obvious. It sounds exactly like the type of band I want to see play live and then meet afterwards. It also has a bass solo on Pollaxe, so it might be album of the year.

Band: Voros
Album: The Sky Burial EP’s
Year: 2014
Genre: Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Adelaide, SA

1. Woes of Disdain
2. Reminder of the Dead
3. Pollaxe
4. Death Throes
5. Disequilibrium
6. Archaic Persuasion


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