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Album Reviews : The Kremlings – Whole Earth Cleansing

By on June 10, 2014

Manic, frantic, rough-as-guts punk. That’s exactly what you get with the latest offering from Geelong sludge-punks The Kremlings. Their debut album ‘Whole Earth Cleansing’ grabs listeners by the throat from the opening chords of the first track, Sniff The Hide. The shrieking vocals of Andre Marino immediately grabs your attention, whipping listeners brains into their unique brand of frenzied, chaotic sludge punk. This song set the tone for the rest of the album extremely well.

Following on from the opening track, Freaking In is driven by heavy, hypnotic riffing, featuring a classic rock style guitar solo that adds an extra punch to the song. Vulture Race flies by in the blink of an eye, keeping listeners interested. On Flesh On Flesh, influence from The Accused really stands out, the venomous vocal delivery making this track my favourite on the album. Know Nothings brings the album to a slower crawl, before smashing out the remainder of Side A, Abort Clusters Of Crawling Sapiens and The Hatching Of A Return.

With songs titled Pulverise Her To Show You Care and Knife Sale, the second side of the LP continues the chaotic depravity, culminating in a bitter, nihilistic sentiment We Need A Whole Earth Cleansing, Eradicate Almost Everything.

With a track list comprising of 14 songs and a total running time of just 35 minutes, The Kremlings rip through their debut album at a truly impressive speed. The vocals are a highlight of the album for me, as they gave the album an increased element of urgency. Stand-out tracks include Flesh On Flesh, Sniff The Hide and Creature Face. Fans of The Accused, Nuclear Death Terror and Attitude Adjustment will not be disappointed. I’m eagerly awaiting to see what the band does next, and how they will beat such a killer album.

Band: The Kremlings
Album: Whole Earth Cleansing
Year: 2014
Genre: Punk/sludge
Label: Desperate Records
Origin: Geelong, VIC


1. Sniff the Hide
2. Freakin’ In
3. Vulture Race
4. Flesh on Flesh
5. Know Nothings
6. Abort Clusters of Crawling Sapiens
7. The Hatching of a Return
8. Pulverise to Show Her You Care
9. Knife Sale
10. Creature Face
11. Little Ape
12. Eye for a Skull (Cruelty is a Given)
13. What’s Another Day
14. We Need a Whole Earth Cleansing