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News : “Simpsons Doom” band Dr. Colossus release debut EP for streaming

By on May 7, 2014

So… do you like… stuff?

“Imagine if we started the heaviest band in the world, like real doomy, Sabbathy kinda stuff. What would we call it…what’s huge?…’Colossus’?…”
“…Or like Dr. Colossus from the Simpsons…
Why don’t we just make a doom band where all the songs are based on episodes of the Simpsons?”

That’s a basic summary of Melbourne duo Dr. Colossus. It’s the doomy riffs of Black Sabbath and Kyuss meeting The Simpsons’ funniest quotes re-written into lyrics. And the duo have released their debut EP – simply titled “IV” – for streaming on SoundCloud.

If you’ve ever dreamed of the silly concept of a rock band paying tribute to The Simpsons (I certainly have), this is it. Enjoy Dr. Colossus’ first three songs, that were written about Ralph Wiggum, Abe “Grampa” Simpson and the Monorail.


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