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News : Norse, Aeon of Horus, Hadal Maw and Apparitions of Null team up for tour

By on May 7, 2014

Now here’s an exciting collection of local bands.

“Celebrating the release of their most twisted release yet, NORSE will be bringing the misanthropic perversion of their forthcoming release “Pest” to stages around the country. An exercise in aggravated atmospheres, complexity and contortions (, “Pest” is a fresh, innovative interpretation of black/death metal unlike anything else in the genre (Wonderbox Metal). The cancerous screams of new vocalist ADR slither alongside staccato stop-start riffs, piercing squeals and the inhuman percussion of drummer Forge (ex- The Amenta). Well known for their destructive live performances, including alongside DARK FUNERAL and ABSU, NORSE will finally have the chance to bring their blackened fury to stages around the country.

Fresh from sharing stages with MISERY SIGNALS and BORN OF OSIRIS, the tour will be joined by Canberran progressive/technical death masterminds AEON OF HORUS. The band will be touring in support of their sophomore album “Existence”, a consummate display of technical wizardry, atmospheric depth and progressive composition. Having already garnered a plethora of rave reviews, “Existence” has been described as a “mastery of technicality and groove…a contender for album of the year (Metal Obsession), “a strangely gripping and cohesive whole” (Metal Observer) and “progressive metal taken to the next level” (Teeth of the Divine). AEON OF HORUS are an astonishing musical force that is not to be taken lightly.

In the long history of stupidly heavy music it is unlikely that you have ever encountered anything as heavy as HADAL MAW. The Melbournian 8-string tech death juggernaut is the sonic equivalent of face meets sledgehammer and people are taking notice. The band’s high-intensity live performances have been making waves all throughout Australia and have positioned them as one of the country’s most sought after live acts. Having recently shared the stage with the likes of ULCERATE and KING PARROT, HADAL MAW will be using this tour to showcase the crushing material from their soon-to-be-released debut album. If you are prepared to have your brain turned to scrambled eggs, come witness the fury.

Having not yet written or performed a song shorter than 25 minutes in length, Sydney’s APPARITIONS OF NULL are breaking all the rules about what metal is supposed to be. Mixing deranged technical death metal with post-rock sound scapes, brooding acoustic guitars and a vocal range that will astound any listener, this is a band totally unlike any other. Having been described as what would happen “if Pink Floyd was a metal band” (Busuk Webzine) and “a must-hear for fans of the more progressive and melodic side of metal” (Metal Obsession), APPARITIONS OF NULL has been gathering a devoted following in their home town, including alongside Denmark’s MNEMIC and France’s HYPNO5E. If an intense one-song set sounds like your cup of tea do not miss this band!”

Every now and then a tour comes along that we don’t hesitate to put our name on, and this is one of those. Have a listen to the four bands below, you can catch the tour on the following dates;

Friday June 27th @ The Basement, Canberra
w/ Inhuman Remnants

Saturday June 28th @ Corrimal Hotel, Wollongong
w/ New Blood

Friday July 4th @ Barwon Club, Geelong
w/ A Million Dead Birds Laughing

Saturday July 5th @ Reverence Hotel, Melbourne
w/ A Million Dead Birds Laughing

Friday July 11th @ The Small Ballroom, Newcastle
w/ The Seer

Saturday July 12th @ Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
w/ Sorathian Dawn


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