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Free stuff : Metal Obsession’s Monthly Giveaway #1 (ft. Eye of the Enemy, Teramaze + more)

By on May 1, 2014

This is the first edition of Metal Obsession’s monthly CD/LP/DVD giveaways. These monthly competitions will specialise in the latest metal releases from signed and independent bands across Australia.

If you’re in a band/run a label and you’re interested in submitting your release (CD/LP/DVD) for the next monthly giveaway, email [email protected] Australian bands with releases from 2014 only.

In our first giveaway, one lucky person will win the following CD’s:

Teramaze (VIC) – Esoteric Symbolism (Nightmare)
Melbourne’s prog-metal heavyweights return with an epic follow-up to 2012’s ‘Anhedonia’. A truly special album from start to finish.
“Refreshing, powerful, and extremely melodic – the adjectives I’d use at a push to describe 
Teramaze‘s 5th album.” – Metal Obsession (read review here – listen to “Punishment By Design”)

Eye of the Enemy (VIC) – The Vengeance Paradox (Rockstar)
Leading up to their tour with Children of Bodom next week, Melbourne’s Eye of the Enemy have unleashed their second album, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Weight of Redemption’. Listen to “The March”.
“‘The Vengeance Paradox’ is 37 minutes of the best metal Australia has to offer. I can’t help but think the production of this album is aimed squarely at a North American tour. It would be well deserved.” – Trendkill Magazine, April 2014

Uncreation (NT) – The Great Delusion (The Black Wreath)
From the dead centre of Australia is the extreme metal powerhouse known as Uncreation, who launched their debut album at this years Blacken the Globe Festival in Alice Springs.
They have built a strong cult following as a part of The Black Wreath record label, delivering unrivalled showmanship and musical intensity that subverts genres and gets under the skin. They are a cosmic mix of volatile spontaneity and calculated precision. A cathartic experience that demands attention. Listen to “Unspeakable Things”

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAthenas Wake (VIC) – Contemplation EP (Twin Peak)
This punishing blackened death metal group from Geelong hit my Best of 2013 list last year with their ‘Welcome to the Woodlands’ EP. And if the first single from their new EP is anything to go by, it will get an even better spot on this years Best Of list.


Voros (SA) – The Sky Burial EPs (Independent)
Out of the ashes of a premier Australian band Double Dragon come the hard-hitting South Australians known as Voros. ‘The Sky Burial EPs’ CD is a collection of the 6 tracks they recorded and digitally released throughout 2013, finally released physically this year. Listen to “Disequilibrium”.

Wet Pensioner (VIC) – Roast Mortem (Serpent 54)
Thrash time drifters sent back from the future to rid society of the devastating sound of the plague! Dr. Caveman, Jaundice Cop and Schwartz Veinkman deliver a fun-loving thrash album with heavy punk and surf rock influence. Watch out for the Frankston Warriors!


As a bonus, the winner will also receive a Metal Obsession t-shirt, available in black or white colour from small to large.

To enter this competition, email [email protected] with your name, address and shirt size/preferred colour. If you have an email browser (eg. Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird), click here for a shortcut to a new email to us. 

The competition will close on Thursday May 29 at 5:00pm, and it’s eligible to Australian residents only.

BONUS ENTRY: To earn a bonus entry in this draw, attach a screenshot to the email showing that you’ve shared this Facebook photo, promoting this competition.

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