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Album Reviews : Lost Society – Terror Hungry

By on March 30, 2014

lost-society-terror-hungryYoung bloods , Lost Society, from metal central, Finland have returned in 2014 with their second album which is an absolute thrash fest. Only two albums old with the release of their second album this year, I was impressed with the raw sound and apparent technicality in their music. Not only do they manage to drive their music with ramming speeds and all the elements of a good old-school thrash album but they have heaps of fun while they’re at it which is made loud and clear with ‘Terror Hungry’.

When you first listen to Lost Society, you immediately get a sense that they’re all about inculcating bits of punk with 80’s thrash to give their music a twist. Kicking off the album is ‘Spurgatory’ which literally yells rebellious metal fury. From the Sabbath-like hysterics in the intro, followed up by the raging yet fun ‘Game Over’,the drums are insanely fast, a guitar battle taking place halfway through the track. Sammy Elbanna’s voice is strong and surges through with a very punk-ish quality. In fact, these guys at times sound like a hybrid of The Ramones /The Sex Pistols and Metallica. This track just gives you a hint as to what’s coming your way, as the next track gives new meaning to the words ‘relentless riffing’. The lyrics are accessible in the sense that they’re straightforward and the way they’re energetically half-growled, half-screeched by Elbanna is enough to make you want to get up and break something. In fact that’s the effect this whole album has on you. The background vocals yelling out the name of the track and a few other parts here and there make it an even more entertaining listen. Title track ‘Terror Hungry’, Lethal Pleasure and ‘Tyrant Takeover’ are all about the frenzied grooves on the guitars, being pelted out at rigorous speeds by Elbanna and and Arrtu Lesonen. ‘Overdosed Brain’ features an insane guitar solo at the beginning, Ossi Pannanen’s drumming is outstanding, pounding snares, relentless double bass work and aggressive drum beats standing out on ‘F.F.E’ and ‘Brewtal Awakening’ while ‘Thrashed Reality’ continues the madness with intensely fierce vocals and drums causing a collective assault on your senses, and of course a surefire way of getting your headbanging skills on. The sound quality is of a high standard, with very audible bass lines courtesy of Mirko Lehiten adding to the rapid thrash-fulled madness that this lot is fast becoming famous for.

Closing with ‘Wasted After Midnight’, ‘Terror Hungry’ definitely exhibits the sheer brutality of thrash, who seem to have mastered the genre at such a young age. The lyrics aren’t creative, but are extremely catchy, encouraging their listeners to basically get wasted, have fun and not give a shit. It makes for an absolutely fantastic listen for those who like their dose of alcohol-driven thrash metal, throaty vocals and have a passion for killer riffs. This four-piece from Finland are determined to make their mark in the world of metal and with the quality of this album, I’d say they’re almost there!

Band: Lost Society
Album: Terror Hungry
Year: 2014
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Origin: Finland


1. Spurgatory
2. Game Over
3. Attaxic
4. Lethal Pleasure
5. Terror Hungry
6. Snowroad Blowout
7. Tyrant Takeover
8. Overdosed Brain
9. Thrashed Reality
10. F.F.E.
11. Brewtal Awakening
12. Mosh It Up
13. Wasted After Midnight
14. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (Bonus Track)


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