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News : Thy Art Is Murder ALMOST kicked off Soundwave Festival after their Brisbane set

By on February 22, 2014

“There are thousands of you and dozens of security. Smash them. All of you get on the stage.”

And that’s all it took for Sydney deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder to [edit: almost] get kicked off Soundwave.

The festival kicked off today in Brisbane, and Thy Art Is Murder got their fans up on the stage for their last song. Shortly after, head-honcho AJ Maddah took it to Twitter to announce that “Thy Band Are Kicked Off Tour”.

People have commented on American hardcore-punk group Trash Talk also having a group of fans on stage earlier that day. But Thy Art Is Murder were nearly kicked off for “encouraging people to smash security, wreck the barrier and fuck shit up.” AJ says that he nearly had police cancel the show.

AJ also comments that their actions is the reason why he doesn’t add many Australian bands to Soundwave, which is upsetting to see. While a few Aussie bands on Soundwave have apparently been unprofessional in the past, and another one being added to the list, Metal Obsession believe that “disrespectful arseholes” shouldn’t be the reputation for all Aussie bands. Bands from anywhere in the world can do something like this.

Read AJ’s Twitter posts about the incident below. No word on replacements or set time changes for their time slot, but we will let you know.

UPDATE @ 8:08pm: AJ has posted on Twitter that he’s met with the band and is hoping he will see a more considerate band on the rest of the tour. When asked by a fan if they’re staying on the festival, he responded “They’ll stay on provided there are no further displays of gross stupidity.”

UPDATE @ 9:06AM 23/2/14: A video of the stage invasion has been uploaded to YouTube, but it doesn’t show CJ encouraging fans to smash security, as the band almost got kicked off the tour for.


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