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Album Reviews : Truth Corroded – The Saviours Slain

By on February 15, 2014

It’s safe to label Truth Corroded as veterans of the Australian metal scene having now released five full length albums, along with countless EP’s, demos and splits in the decade plus that they have been slaying ear drums across the land. Their latest opus, The Saviours Slain is a relentless modern death/thrash album that takes great influence from bands the like of Lamb of God, Hatesphere, The Haunted, Arch Enemy and Gojira.

The band clearly does not have much faith in mankind and they aren’t afraid to take a stance on political and religious issues either, as is displayed on the politically charged intro ‘Precipice’. The spoken word intro leads in to the full on aural assault of ‘They Are Horror’; this is Truth Corroded at their best. A solid modern day thrash metal song, abrasive vocals, superfast tight riffs and excellent melodic work.

The furious title track ‘The Saviours Slain’, Gojira influenced ‘Sea of Flames’ and the haunting doom infused closing track ‘Hallowed Black Sun’ are without a doubt some of the highlights on the album and show a varied side to the Truth Corroded arsenal. The song writing unfortunately on the majority of the album does not quite match the level reached with these songs and many of the tracks can end up sounding all too similar. There is no doubting the technical ability of each member of the band and the addition of some serious world class drumming from the ever-busy Kevin Talley (Chimaira, Battlecross, Six Feet Under, etc) adds another level of quality to the band. The one dimensional vocals, recycled riffs and lack of variation on a number of tracks, can however come as a detriment to the album on a whole and interest can start to fade at times.

Stalwarts of the heavy metal scene, Truth Corroded have crafted a no nonsense, pummelling release with their fifth full length The Savious Slain. The quality of the band is clearly there and there are some absolute killer moments on the release, consistency is the key though and this is perhaps the only thing that separates a good album from being great. Regardless, The Saviour Slain is a must listen for fans of the modern day death/thrash scene.

Band: Truth Corroded
Album: The Saviours Slain
Year: 2013
Genre: Metal
Label: Truth Inc. Records
Origin: Adelaide, Australia

Track list
1. Precipice (Intro)
2. They Are Horror
3. The Fall Endless
4. Its Fear I Breathe
5. The Saviours Slain
6. Of Gods Drowned in Blood
7. As A River They Bled
8. A Feeding Enemy
9. Sea of Flames
10. Last of my Flesh
11. I Misery
12. Hallowed Black Sun


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