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Interviews : Voyager – “We’re guilty of having a lot of fun when we’re all together” (An Interview with Alex Canion)

By on January 20, 2014


Voyager – Alex Canion

Since their formation in 1999, Western Australia’s progressive metal powerhouse Voyager have had many high points in their career, including among many things; releasing four extremely well received studio albums, touring the nation and internationally many times over and being signed to numerous worldwide record labels. All this has not been without low points in the bands career however and band bassist, Alex Canion attributes the longevity and success of the band to their loyal fan base ‘It seems with each new challenge we face we always come out the end of it being completely humbled and overwhelmed by the kindness of our fans’.

The overwhelming support of their fans, has also aided the band with their latest venture which comes in the form of the ‘I am Voyager’ Kickstarter campaign, to fund their as of yet untitled fifth studio album. Sceptical at first the band was very much against using this avenue to fund the album ‘When it first entered our collective consciences as a potential way to do the album we were all pretty unwilling to do it. At least for me, it seemed like one of those “iffy” territories; I wasn’t sure whether we would be lynched by our fans for even suggesting it’.

After further researching and seeing other successful pledge campaigns, Voyager ended up deciding it was a good option and if there was any doubt that the fans would get behind this concept, the fears in the bands eyes were well and truly put to rest when their pledge goal of $10,000 was reached in as little as three days and still with the majority of the month remaining. A remarkable achievement for the band and proved that their fans were willing to embrace the concept straight away.

Fans and music lovers can pledge to the ‘I am Voyager’ Kickstarter campaign via the link below.

The band may have reached their pledge goal in just 3 days, and although that figure still continues to rise as the campaign is set to end at the end of January. The number one priority is still to finish off the album, with Alex offering an update on the progress of the album ‘We’re in the mixing phase at the moment and its all sounding great so farTheir next goal after completing the album is to honour and fulfil all the pledge prizes, which their lovely fans have put their hard earned money towards. The pledge rewards were a part of the campaign that the band thoroughly enjoyed coming up with as Alex quips ‘We had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for the pledge prizes. I.e. Polaroids of the band, making songs to someone’s original lyrics etc…’. Fans were also quick to jump on to purchasing many of these unique pledge rewards.

Slated for release in May, the as of yet untitled fifth album has been described as being more positive than the darker previous album ‘Meaning of I’, with Alex offering further updates to what fans can expect on the new release ‘it is a bit more positive but is also surely one of, if not our heaviest album to date. Very fast, ultra catchy as always, loads of hooks and rhythmic-jizz!’. The soon to be released first single off the album, ‘Breaking Down’ also offers some more surprises and firsts for the band, as it will feature orchestral arrangements courtesy of the Perth Symphony Orchestra. Fans can attend the “Breaking Down” single launch on Friday, 21st February at the Amplifer Bar in Perth. 

“Breaking Down” Single Launch

The band will be taking some time away from the studio and working on their new album in March when they support pioneering Israeli metal band Orphaned Land on their very first Australian tour. Featuring three East Coast dates, Voyager and in particular Alex are extremely excited for the tour and can’t wait to be back out on the road again, as he states ‘touring is my favourite part of being in the band’.

Voyager will also be showcasing new material on this run of dates so these shows are not to be missed for any fans of the bands on this package. Touring with the band is also another thing that Alex attributes to the longevity and success of the band with him adding ‘there is a big reason we’ve been able to do this for so long. We joke around with each other pretty much constantly. On tour it’s the funniest. So. Much. Trolling. It’s easy to do all this stuff when you really love your band mates. We’re guilty of having a lot of fun when we’re all together’.

Tight lipped when it comes to future plans for the band after the release of the album, Alex reiterates that the focus is on getting the album out there in the hands of fans first and foremost, but goes on to say that touring is always on their minds and advises fans to keep an eye out on their Facebook page for further updates on the touring front over the coming months.

Orphaned Land Australia Tour 2014

Reaching their target pledge goal has not only enabled Voyager to be more self reliant this time around, it will also afford the band the luxury to be able to experiment with different and new ways to promote and distribute the album, a opportunity that the band know they wouldn’t have without their excellent fans and before signing off Alex had a message for all the generous and supporting Voyager fans ‘I’d also like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the lovely people that made a pledge for this album. You’re allowing us to continue this crazy endeavour we call VOYAGER. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter. Stay in touch. Thanks!’.

“Breaking Down” Single Launch
Friday, 21st February @ Amplifer Bar, Perth
w/ Caligula’s Horse,  This Other Eden + more to be announced.

Voyager supporting Orphaned Land across Australia
Thursday, 20th March @ The Factory Theatre, Sydney
w/ Orsome Welles

Saturday, 22nd March @ The Espy, Melbourne
w/ Orsome Welles

Sunday, 23rd @ The Rev, Brisbane
w/ Orsome Welles

Head to the band’s official Facebook page for further album news and tour dates:


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