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News : In Malice’s Wake are looking for new members

By on December 23, 2013

In what comes as a surprise to many, including us here at Metal Obsession, Melbourne thrashers In Malice’s Wake are saying goodbye to not one, but two long time members, guitarist Dave Graham and bassist Luke Blaso. Although this split is a surprise to us, the band have said that it was “a mutual decision that has been a long time coming”.

Dave’s envy-inducing natural ability as a lead guitar player has helped mould the band’s recognisable sound – blending incredible speed and technicality with true soul, feel and memorability. A true believer in the band over the years, Dave has contributed to writing both full length albums – ‘Eternal Nightfall’ and ‘The Thrashening’. As the longest standing member of the band apart it’s two founders, Dave will be truly missed on stage and off.

Luke has brought incredible stage presence and amazing backing vocals to the band, along with a commanding mastery of the bass guitar. Behind the scenes however, Luke has played an even bigger part, having been heavily involved with the writing and arrangements of ‘The Thrashening’. He has also acted as the bands manager, organising and promoting a plethora of successful shows as well as our Oceanic Assault tour which saw IMW travel to every state in Australia, as well as overseas for the first time to New Zealand. Luke’s fierce passion, business sense and strength of personality have raised the profile of In Malice’s Wake to great heights.

Mark and I are enjoying a ravenous and rejuvenated sense of excitement about the future. We have great plans in the works – tours, local shows, websites and merchandise etc. Expect big things. Most importantly however, writing for our next full length has a deadline for completion in December 2014 – followed by a release in early 2015. We are excited about writing this with two new members who are as passionate about what is being created as we are. This release is long overdue – we thank everyone for their continued dedication and support of In Malice’s Wake.

With all of this being said, the Farrugia brothers (Mark and Shaun) are looking for two extremely dedicated and talented members to join the band. With the role that Dave & Luke played in the band, there will be huge shoes to fill, and a high amount of professionalism is required. The requirements and audition details are below.

– A high level of skill and dedication to your respective instrument. The existing leads and bass lines allow room for a new member’s interpretation whilst main melodies will be expected to be maintained.
– Reliable transport.
– Professional, high-quality equipment.
– Strong stage presence and confidence.
– Ability to rehearse once a week in Preston.
– A steady source of income – IMW is self funded and we will expect new members to contribute evenly.
– Writing ability and an enthusiastic approach to contributing to our upcoming album.
– Willingness to travel, as we are looking at short possible international and interstate shows later this year.
– A relaxed personality. We love working in this band and are looking to find new members with whom we look forward to working with each week.
– Dedication to In Malice’s Wake. While we are not strictly against having members who work in other bands, our members will need to prioritise this band over all others.
– Love and enthusiasm for metal music. Our new material will be taking our previous direction in a heavier, darker direction whilst still maintaining the sound we have created over the years.
– Strong backing vocal ability. This is the only field that is not a strict requirement; however, it is an extremely strong bonus. We would like to incorporate 3 vocalists with upcoming and past live material.

Our audition process will involve learning two of our tracks – “Onslaught” and “Endless Possession” (See the YouTube links below). Whilst these are recorded in E-Standard tuning, we now play in D-Standard so please arrive at an audition with this in mind. For those that own past IMW albums, knowledge of any additional tracks would be a great.

Please email a short biography outlining your musical history, a gear list, a current photo, where you are based and any other relevant information to [email protected] Any links to videos where we can see you in action would be a huge plus. Feel free to send through any queries about the positions also. Please include your contact details so that we can organise an audition for successful applicants.

All I can say is that Metal Obsession and In Malice’s Wake fans have been waiting far too long for a new In Malice’s Wake album. Best of luck to the Farrugia brothers on finding new members, and best of luck to Dave & Luke for their future endeavours.

If you’re a professional guitarist or bassist that’s interested, the songs “Onslaught” and “Endless Possession” are below. Get learning!



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