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Interviews : The Butterfly Effect – “Keep practicing or you will be sacked” (An interview with Kurt Goedhart)

By on December 20, 2013

1456685_10152411282189815_279281038_nBrisbane alternative metal band The Butterfly Effect have been gracing stages for the last 14 years. After the recent departure of vocalist Clint Boge and the addition of Paul Gallagher, the band gear up for their fourth studio album and an Australian East Coast tour.

Metal Obsession got up to speed on their new line up, the new album and The Butterfly Effect’s plans for the future.

Metal Obsession: Unlike a lot of bands who have been around for 14 years, you haven’t had too much of a shuffle of members, except for the departure of Clint Boge. How hard was that shift for the band?

Kurt Goedhart: Well it was a gradual process over a few years, so although not easy by the time we parted ways, it was certainly a relief in the sense that we knew something drastic had to happen; being that we knew we had to part ways. A bittersweet part I guess you could say. The search for a new singer had started well before Clint left. Not directly, but we had started working with other singers, getting ideas for musical parts that hadn’t gelled so well with Clint. Paul was the gel that held our hair back.

Metal Obsession: What has Paul Gallagher been able to bring to the band and how has that changed the energy within the band?

Kurt Goedhart: Paul has brought in a fresh energy, and I guess for lack of a better word, an awesomeness. We hadn’t felt that in our previous vocalist for quite a few years. So it’s been great having him in, bringing life to a lot of our music, new and old. We knew we weren’t done yet as a band, and finding Paul has certainly helped us realize this. He also cracks really funny jokes while rubbing our feet. We love that in a singer.

Metal Obsession: How have the fans and the crowds responded to the new front man so far?

Kurt Goedhart: All I can say for this question is we played in Sydney at a sold out Annandale gig, and halfway through the gig they started chanting Paul’s name. I haven’t experienced that in all my band years…

“Phoenix” taken from the brand new live DVD, ‘Effected’. Out now via MGM Distribution.

Metal Obsession: You’ve also fairly recently signed a deal with Home Surgery Management, what effect has this had on the band?

Kurt Goedhart: It’s another factor that helped give strength to our passion. When respected peers heard our new stuff, not only did they feel the way we did, they wanted to get involved. That’s pretty rad.

Metal Obsession: What direction do you want to take the band in? Are you going a more progressive route or heading back you your heavier roots?

Kurt Goedhart: We would like to write the rock record that Australia and maybe even the world, has been waiting for. I don’t think we’re the first to try this…

Metal Obsession: You’re working on your fourth studio album, when can fans expect this to hit the shelves?

Kurt Goedhart: We’re in no rush. It’s been four years. We’ll keep at it till it’s right.

Metal Obsession: You’ve had three ARIA gold selling albums in the past, does that put any pressures on the new album or does it act as encouragement?

Kurt Goedhart: It shows that when we think we have it right, it usually is. But then again there’s no platinum records so maybe we keep missing? Think we’ll go for the latter and use those previous three attempts as a ladder to climb up to our first platinum record!

Metal Obsession: Apart from working on the new album, what are the bands plans for 2014?

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Kurt Goedhart: We’ll be looking for shows. The right shows to get us back into peoples eyes and ears again. I can’t see a lot of shows being booked till we are on the homestretch with this record, which is our priority at the moment, but it will be a gradual process. A new singer and this long between records is no easy feat!

Metal Obsession: How are you feeling about the East Coast tour that spans over New Years Eve?

Kurt Goedhart: Last year was our first New Years where we hadn’t been playing shows over that time in about 10-12 years, so it feels great to be getting back amongst it. We love shows around this time of year, the people are relaxed, it’s a great time of year to be playing music.

Metal Obsession: In 2004 you did a tour of Europe and started gaining some momentum in that market, do you want to revisit European shores again?

Kurt Goedhart: Let’s get this record done first eh! After that anything goes.

Metal Obsession: Do you have any advice for young Australian bands?

Kurt Goedhart: Keep practicing or you will be sacked.


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