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Album Reviews : Septerrus – Tacit

By on October 7, 2013

367791In the vein of bands like Sodom and Destruction, Melbourne based thrashers Septerrus have self-released their debut album, Tacit, a compilation of dark, sweeping tracks that immerse you in a mindscape of raw, unbridled thrash. Having formed in 2008, it’s fair to say Tacit has been a while in the making.

Opening with “Get to the Border”, the minute-long intro sequence establishes the setting as the ominous tones that emerge from the guitars and drums build an atmosphere of sorrow and foreboding. Soon after, the kick pedals erupt into overdrive as Ben “Nuben” O’Brien’s grinding vocals elevate this track into the realms of Teutonic thrash, channelling the likes of Tom Angelripper (Sodom) and Miland “Mille” Petrozza (Kreator).

There is great consistency with this record, with tracks such as “Cyclical” and “Undefeatable” bringing in wonderful rhythm sections that allows for an easy transition from merely listening to the tracks to finding yourself unknowingly headbanging in the middle of the lounge room while sitting on the couch. The guitars of James “Jimbo” Munro and Luke “Woil” Besley (got to give them points for interesting stage names, too) complement the excellent drumming of Adam “Beefy” Bartleson who helps establish Septerrus’ sound and creates a unique melody and rhythm that doesn’t just consist of uninspired double-bass kicks.

Septerrus’ sound has been well constructed and thought has clearly gone into the way they tied this in with Nuben’s vocals. This is well evidenced on tracks like “For Flesh and Future” and “Keloid”. There is interesting experimentation here with their riffs and drumming, as well. The use of elements such as double-bass, breakdowns, and a healthy share of palm muting helps build a sound that’s innovative and doesn’t come off as overly formulaic either, which admittedly can sometimes be a problem with modern thrash bands.

“Therion” is a standout track on this album, with its opening segment recalling the likes of the legendary Death. The use of keys and synth elements further help develop the progressive and technical flavour this track has.

“What’s Left to Die For” is a great way to close the album, showcasing the band at their peak. The guitars are a highlight on this track, with influences from both the Bay Area and Teutonic thrash scenes shining through with glorious shredding ferocity. The track gallops through five and half minutes of musically inebriating rhythm. Nuben’s vocals also seem at their strongest here as he wades through a putrid swamp of grunts, growls and high pitched screams. Great stuff.

Like most independent releases, there is room for improvement here. Nuben’s vocals for example don’t always blend as crisply as they should and feel a little strained at times, but all in all, Tacit is quite an impressive release. With further experimentation to help build upon the sound they’ve established here, I can see Septerrus growing into a potent, sophisticated thrash metal unit.

Band: Septerrus
Album: Tacit
Year: 2013
Genre: Thrash
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track list:
1. Get to the Border
2. Cyclical
3. Undefeatable
4. For Flesh and Future
5. Keloid
6. Solstafir
7. Insidious
8. Nothing of Value
9. Therion
10. What’s Left to Die For


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