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Album Reviews : Flaming Wrekage – Catharsis

By on August 29, 2013

32405_10151154046392623_234198689_nThe initial strains of “Fallen One” which open local Sydneysiders’, Flaming Wrekage’s debut album Catharsis, begin innocently enough. A few picked notes are utilized sparingly, until the dropped tuning of guitarist/vocalist Dave Lupton abruptly arrives with a direct punch to the ears. Despite this barely being the start of the album, already this shows the band’s great potential for melodic ambiance, whilst simultaneously working side by side with punishing riffs and double kicks which echo throughout the album.

As well as being skull-crushing, catchy riffs are the order of the day; for almost the entirety of the album, it’s hard not to nod your head to the obvious talent displayed by Lupton who has seemingly taken inspiration from artists such as Metallica and Lamb of God to create his own masterwork on the fretboard. On certain tracks, notably “Summoned”, it’s almost as if Flaming Wrekage have lifted their musical stylings straight from an episode of Metalocalypse and imitated the sonic efforts of Dethklok. In no way is this intended as an insult to the Sydney locals, more-so that they have managed to become reminiscent, rather than copy’s; in this day and age, a high compliment to be paid.

Dually talented, the vocals throughout ‘Catharsis’ are characteristics of more than just a debut album; Lupton could hold his own alongside similar sounding screams from Melbourne locals Storm the Sky. However, superb drummer Zac Stewart deserves as much, if not more, of the credit with his punishing drum-work; ‘Saboteur’ sounds as if it could fit right into a new Devildriver offering. Given the right setting, it’s not hard to imagine both the musicians whipping the crowd into violent circle pits with their infectious work.

In the spirit of balancing such glowing sentiments, a slight criticism to be made of Catharsis is the repetitive nature of select guitar and drum patterns, which filter throughout the album. However, clean guitar intros to songs such as “Threats of Revolt” provide a break to the breathless energy of Catharsis and manage to offset such a detriment to their work.

With consistent improvement and hard work, it’s not hard to see Flaming Wrekage earning themselves a place as stalwarts within the Australian heavy metal scene.

Band: Flaming Wrekage
Album: Catharsis
Year: 2013
Label: Independent
Genre: Metal
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track list:
1. Fallen One
2. It Burns Before Your Eyes
3. Summoned
4. Verge of Disintegration
5. Threats of Revolt
6. In the Dark
7. Saboteur
8. Dawn of Time


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