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Album Reviews : DeathFuckingCunt – Ungodly Violation

By on July 17, 2013

a3385451722_2DeathFuckingCunt; the name of this band alone is about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face and their blend of brutal, yet technical death metal in the vein of Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagist has about the same effect in an aural sense.

All things considered, from the band’s music, imagery and song titles, it is clear that they are not looking to re-invent the proverbial death metal wheel, but rather roll their collective influences, along with all of the strong points of the genre in to a highly efficient, technical and brutal machine. No mean feat in anyone’s book, but something the band achieves with seemingly relative ease.

The instrumental proficiency of the band is at times mind blowing; such is the case, that this whole review could just have easily been focused on the individual talents of each member. The guitar work is equal parts technical, precise, extreme and about as tasteful as you can get in the death metal genre, the mid-tone vocals while not offering much in the way of innovation, perfectly suit the music and are phrased brilliantly, see the closing and one of the highlight tracks of the album ‘Beset by Rapists’ for the best example of this. The drumming throughout the album however is nothing short of world class; the blast beats are carried out with ferocious intensity, and easily match the precision of the razor sharp riffing, while also offering plenty in the way of variety, along with tight and intricate fills which tie everything on the album together seamlessly. Special mention must be made of the production as each instrument is clearly audible and sharp, the sounds and tones achieved for each instrument including vocals serve to enhance the overall appeal of the album too. It is also quite refreshing to hear the bass so high in the mix, especially for a death metal record. The bass playing does deserve a special mention in itself as while Brad Trevasks playing is both technical and powerful, it is also the glue that holds the whole record together. I do detect that he has taken quite a lot of influence from Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) in his playing too, which certainly isn’t a bad thing in my book.

Ungodly Violation is an album that is the antidote for all of those out there that who are bored with bands simply playing a metal by numbers style, and for all of those that require something a bit more brutal in their death metal diet. DeathFuckingCunt check all the right boxes for fans of the genre, intertwining lyrics and song titles in the fashion of bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, with the speed, technicality and sheer brutality of the likes of Dying Fetus, Origin and Fleshgod Apocolypse; a sure fire winning combination for fans of death metal!

Band: DeathFuckingCunt
Album: Ungodly Violation
Year: 2013
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Prime Cuts Music
Origin: Perth, Australia

Track list:
1. Mummified in Prophylactic
2. Broken Glass Colonoscopy
3. Chemical Castration
4. Suffocated By Macromastia
5. Riddled With Hypoxia
6. Rectal Gorge
7. Apoplexy
8. Ungodly Violation
9. DeathFuckingCunt
10. Beset By Rapists


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