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Album Reviews : I Am Duckeye – Husband

By on July 16, 2013

a3358136055_2Comedy and rock/metal have a seemingly strong partnership, as seen in the monstrous success of Tenacious D, and to a lesser extent, the subtly talented Steel Panther. By lampooning the very genre they obviously love and identify themselves with, they provide an enjoyable listening experience by providing a solid musical backdrop to their irreverent lyrics. Although it may be unfair to compare local talent I Am Duckeye’s debut album Husband to big international names, half of I am Duckeye have had significant success in their infinitely more listenable main project, Sydonia. Due to this, their often unimaginative, juvenile track-listings are unable to be forgiven, as their extensive experience in the business should have provided them with better ideas than spoken word lyrics such as; “enough about my slippery, flippant penis”. These quickly become tiresome in songs such as ‘Swhale’, ‘Whateva (dude)’ and ‘Corking’; if the verses had been sung, these songs may have become a completely different experience, rather than the ‘next’ button providing more enjoyment than listening to the entirety of a song.

I Am Duckeye are at their best when imitating the signature style of Lamb of God, due to lead vocalist Sam’s evident talent for heavy screaming; this is quickly forgotten once I Am Duckeye’s inexplicable fondness for incessant yelling becomes apparent. Rather than adding to the comedy of the lyrics, this insult to vocal work distracts from the true talent of the band’s instrumentals. The opening riff to ‘Swhale’ is highly promising, along with genuinely enjoyable instrumental work throughout the album, notably ‘Prolapse’ and ‘Tea Baggin’. Catchy riffs from Matt and Sam are rife within ‘Husband’, along with solid drumwork from Sean; unsurprisingly, two out of the three are those hailing from the aforementioned Sydonia.

However, lyrical genius does rear its head at intermittent points during the album; the repetition within the choruses of ‘Punching Dicks’ and ‘Corking’ stick in the head for days after listening. Unfortunately, these moments fall by the wayside after the boring efforts of ‘Ung’ and ‘Shadow Pogs’, and the highly offensive final track ‘Husband’. This abomination of a closing track comprises of out of time instrumental work, along with the band members seemingly imitating retarded individuals by repeating ‘Husband’ over and over. Even with such an off limits topic to be ridiculed, I Am Duckeye apparently don’t even attempt to pretend that they are doing anything but insulting those who are mentally challenged. It’s baffling as to how this was thought of, and even made it to a vocal suggestion, let alone becoming the closing notes of the album.

I Am Duckeye’s debut album Husband is an eclectic mix of comedy, rock, and metal all stirred together to create an intriguing effort that showcases distinct instrumental talent, but fails to ultimately present a strong album from start to finish due to its lack of inventive lyrics, and annoying vocal habits.

Band: I Am Duckeye
Album: Husband
Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy/Rock
Label: Indepdendent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track list:
1. Swhale
2. Tea Baggin
3. It’s Time
4. Whateva (Dude)
5. Corking
6. Ung
7. Brown Eyed Guy
8. Slab Bank
9. Chode to Je$us
10. Prolapse
11. Rabbit Kick
12. Punching Dicks
13. The Riff
14. Shadow Pogs
15. Husband


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