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Album Reviews : A Breach Of Silence – Dead Or Alive

By on June 6, 2013

537746_359668900755302_1188122603_nTalk about a mash of genres. “Power core” is the term Queenslanders A Breach Of Silence have coined to describe their sound which, as you may have guessed, sees metalcore meeting power metal. On paper it may sound like a cringe-inducing idea, but in reality… it works.

“Hollow Grounds” may be the perfect example. The riffs and harsh vocals are classic metalcore, but things change dramatically once the chorus kicks in; huge European power metal clean vocals, with guitar harmonies following the vocal patterns. To prove they’re no leather-pant wearing pansies though, there’s a breakdown not far behind.

The factor that seems to bind the styles together seems to be an underlying Gothenburg influence, giving the final product the same heavy-yet-melodic vibe that bands like Dark Tranquillity thrive on. While there’s obviously a side of that to their writing, it’s partly thanks to producer Fredrik Nordström. With bands like In Flames, Rotting Christ and Soilwork under his belt, the guy has become a natural at balancing sounds.

Despite most of the songs being a bit interchangeable, at just on forty minutes Dead Or Alive is easily digestible as a whole. And with the right nurturing, these guys could well end up on the more successful (in the most traditional sense of the word) end of the Australian heavy music scene.

Band: A Breach of Silence
Album: Dead Or Alive
Year: 2012
Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Brisbane, Australia

Track list:
1. Blind
2. Dawn To Rise
3. To Oblivion
4. Eyes of the Enemy
5. Circles
6. There Will Be Blood
7. Night Rider
8. Empty Smile
9. Like Sands Through The Hour Glass
10. Hollow Grounds
11. Final Breath


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