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Album Reviews : Whisky Smile – The Eagle Has Landed

By on June 3, 2013

a3056342045_2With a name like Whisky Smile it’s not exactly a challenge to guess what’s on their debut EP The Eagle Has Landed; hard rockin’ tracks designed to drink to.

“Cheap and Easy” begins the sub-20 minute release in a bit of an odd way, with the clean guitars simply feeling a bit out-of-place, but once the actual song kicks in with a killer guitar solo, it’s perhaps the heaviest and darkest of the five. “Ernie Dingo’s Got My Baby” picks up the pace and is rock’n’roll through and through, while “A Shallow Grave” bring their already-present Motorhead influence right to the front, and “Green Eagle” is built around some particularly groovy riffs.

While it always feels wrong to call a cover the highlight of a release, finale “Rock Lobster” is brilliantly done. It’s as fun and ridiculous as the original but Whisky Smile have given it enough of their own flavour to make it work in the context of the album, with an unexpected breakdown bringing things to a close.

The Eagle Has Landed is an excellent debut. Sitting perfectly on that line between hard rock and metal, it’s heavy and even mosh-worthy in parts, but still has that dirty pub vibe. If there’s one thing that this EP hints at, it’s that Whisky Smile are one of those bands best seen live with a beer (or whisky) in hand.

Band: Whisky Smile
Album: The Eagle Has Landed EP
Year: 2013
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track list:
1. Cheap and Easy
2. Ernie Dingo’s Got My Baby
3. A Shallow Grave
4. Green Eagle
5. Rock Lobster


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