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Album Reviews : Feed Her To The Sharks – Savage Seas

By on May 15, 2013

PromoImageFrom the shores of Melbourne comes relatively new metal band, Feed Her to the Sharks (or FHTTS if acronyms are your thing). Forming in 2008, and emerging in the scene in 2010 when they released their debut full-length, The Beauty of Falling, Feed Her to the Sharks have since been working tirelessly on their sophomore album, Savage Seas. Labelling themselves as ‘Modern Melodic Metal’, there is undeniably a metalcore feel to Feed Her to the Sharks, and there will no doubt be those who’ll still refer to them as “a metalcore band”.

I must say, however, I’ve listened to quite a few metalcore bands in my time, and there’s something about this quintet that does feel different from the usual metalcore mould. They bring an energy and determination to their performance that is both infectious and engrossing. Once the album starts, and they proclaim boldly “We are Feed Her to the Sharks!” it explodes with metal brutality and ferocity the likes of which trumps bands like Killswitch Engage for sheer crushing force alone. And don’t get me wrong, Killswitch Engage have made some great albums. There is, however, an unbridled nature to this album, and no less to this band, that is often unseen on a fair amount of metalcore records. Feed Her to the Sharks don’t hold back, and the production (self-produced, mind you) is thoroughly impressive. You’re hit by a wall of sound that, while not entirely groundbreaking, does plant a smile on your face and coaxes you into headbanging pretty early on. It’s the simple things, right?

Within the first forty-odd seconds of the opening title track, you’re exposed to a progressive section that opens with a sonar beep before the track blasts its way through three minutes of aural fervour. This is an excellent opener to the album, and really demonstrates what this band is capable of, and additionally what they’re able to provide their listener.

“Memory of You” and “Sink or Swim” are both straight-up metalcore tracks, in the vein of As I Lay Dying and Trivium, and will no doubt appeal to those already well versed in the genre. With a guttural vocal style that recalls Winston McCall of Parkway Drive, and the clean vocalisation of Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying, the vocal work of Andrew Vanderzalm adds another dimension of appeal to this band.

The synths and effects used on the record are a highlight of the album, and accompanied equally by his shredding, the riff work of Kim Choo, alongside that of Marinos Katsanevas, are excellent additions to the record. This is only strengthened by the drum work of Chris Chapman, which reverberates throughout every track and only serves to empower the band’s overall sound.

While somewhat controversially titled, “Fuck Melbourne” is actually quite an awesome track. There’s a ferocity to it that recalls Suffocation. Breakdowns are used to full effect and force here, and instead of being an overplayed device, actually heighten the experience. There is a rawness and power here that emphasises the social commentary in the lyrics.

Many of the tracks on Savage Seas follow a similar formula, but there’s a rawness and consistency to this album that works really well for what they’re trying to achieve here. The single “Buried Alive” is a highlight of the album, and is an excellent demonstration of the band’s versatility. With a mid-section that again manipulates synths to great effect, Vanderzalm’s growls complement the double-bass groove that roars throughout the track. Rob Davies’ bass work is another highlight here as it thunders through two-and-a-half minutes of crushing majesty.

“Take Me Back” is another wonderful track, and helps to distinguish Feed Her to the Sharks from the hordes of other bands that populate the metalcore scene. The one-two combo of drums and guitar works well here, and is only strengthened by Vanderzalm’s growls and clean vocals.

“Death’s Design” is a fine closer for the album, and has a real melodic feel to it that branches beyond the genre clichés of metalcore. It is only aided by the great lyricism used throughout the track.

All in all, Savage Seas is a very promising second album from these guys, and if this is any indication of what’s still yet to come, this is a band I can see reaching some interesting heights in the future, both locally and internationally. After all, look at all the success Parkway Drive has bathed in.

Band: Feed Her To The Sharks
Album: Savage Seas
Year: 2013
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Available from:

Track list:
1. Savage Seas
2. Memory Of You
3. Sink Or Swim
4. Fuck Melbourne
5. Shore of Loneliness
6. Buried Alive
7. Take Me Back
8. Save Yourself
9. Death Design


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