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Album Reviews : Cauldron Black Ram – The Poisoner

By on May 11, 2013

326755The unhinged maxi-EP titled The Poisoner from Cauldron Black Ram deforms and crushes everything you know about heavy  (or “deatheavy” as the band calls it) metal. A spissitude of riffs dribble throughout The Poisoner while satanic qualms are vocalized in the foreground. The drumming has enough power to summon the inmates of Hell and the bass rumbles. All of that musical meat is squashed into four fat tracks.

Founded in 1996, Cauldron Black Ram has been exercising their musical dexterity having created and partaken in five previous works. According to the metal genre nerds, Cauldron Black Ram are best classified as black metal but I beg to differ with the trio perverting on several genres at different points in their career. While previous works didn’t gain much attention – The Poisoner sees the band highlighting and welcoming the most primordial sounds. “The Poisoner” and “Infernal Interjections” are great examples of that essence with its aggressive and merciless chugs. Alim, Esh and Ishum pour their blood into creating an infuriating EP with all sorts of deranged power whilst inventing an ethereal atmosphere. In all honesty, Cauldron Black Ram’s 2012 EP is too short – I would have preferred more tracks.

Recently, Parasitic Records released The Poisoner maxi-EP on vinyl and anyone with a solid heavy metal heart can grab a copy through The Cave Distro. Whether, you get an EP or a vinyl copy – you won’t regret it.

Band: Cauldron Black Ram
Album: The Poisoner
Year: 2011
Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal
Label: Abysmal Sounds/Parasitic Records
Origin: Australia

Track list:
1. The Poisoner
2. Corpse Chariot
3. Beast in the Brass
4. Infernal Interjections



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