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Album Reviews : Atra Vetosus – Voices From The Eternal Night

By on May 11, 2013

370145Currently flying the Tasmanian flag for heavy metal, Atra Vetosus have put together a release worthy of approbation. The 2013 release, Voices From The Eternal Night, tells a story of a dissonance, debauchery and darkness with feisty guitars, pummelling drums and raging vocals.

The melodic black metal band started off with two founding members but ultimately expanded to a quintet after the release of a demo in late 2011. In fact, the tracks on the demo are re-recorded and adjusted on Voices From The Eternal Night. Overall, Voices From The Eternal Night boasts eight ferocious tracks with fairly suitable production values. The rhythm guitars marry the distorted vocals and intense drumming to create a reflection of the grey and black found in eternal loneliness. The band’s main focus is on keeping momentum with each instrument and slowly fading out into a melodic whisper. The track “Nocturnal Winds” demonstrates that ideal with its grating power. Further along the track list, “Under the Wings of Darkness” does a worthy justification to the genre of melodic black metal.  The downfalls of Voices From The Eternal Night are some of the tracks do echo each other – often sounding alike. Further along, Atra Vetosus have yet to bring a full sense of the band through the album.  With that said, there is a lot of influence bleeding through from bands like Cataminia and Graveworm.

Voices From The Eternal Night has been released via Immortal Frost Production in a limited amount of five hundred copies. Atra Vetosus have proven their nimbleness so go get a piece of their potency on the 2013 release.

Band: Atra Vetosus
Album: Voices From The Eternal Night
Year: 2013
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Immortal Frost Production
Origin: Tasmania, Australia

Track list:
1. Far Beyond…
2. Into The Dawnless Night
3. Nocturnal Winds
4. A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness
5. Skies Of Obsidian Rain
6. Tortured By The Light Of A Thousand Stars
7. Under The Wings Of Darkness
8. Spirit Of The Forgotten Woods


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