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Album Reviews : Lord – Digital Lies

By on May 6, 2013

364629Lord (ex-Dungeon) can certainly lay claim to being one of Australia’s hardest working and most enduring metal bands, and with good cause, with band leader Lord Tim having lead the band out on countless national/international tours and helming the production for the numerous albums they’ve released since their inception. Digital Lies, album number four for these well seasoned veterans, is no different a story.

“Incipio”, a short, movie soundtrack like and distant orchestral piece, opens the album and segues nicely in to the band’s first single “Betrayal Blind” with the quite fitting words ‘Is it ready? Begin’. “Betrayal Blind” being a perfect choice to release as a single and open the album, as this up tempo number carries all the hallmarks that has made Lord popular to date; fast/precise fretboard shredding, a solid galloping rhythm section and not least of all by any measure, it’s catchy as all hell.

The mid tempo title track “Digital Lies” is much darker/grittier song, holding an almost Queensryche feel to it. The digital theme of the album is backed up with a heavy, digitised and electronic feel, for which underpins this track. The nearly 7 minute long “Point of View” is one of the highlights on the album, the highly melodic track contains one of the hugest most sing-a-long choruses in recent memory, and there is plenty of fretboard destruction to accompany it. The humorous “2D Person in 3D world” is a fun, easy listening track, which contains some highly amusing social commentary throughout.

“The Last Encore” has its roots firmly planted in 80’s traditional styled European power metal, with even surprisingly some arena style 80’s rock thrown in for good measure. The track has a quite epic feel to it, with some very Iron Maiden like guitar solos and they even throw in a classical acoustic guitar solo in to the mix too!  “Because We Can” is unashamedly fun and guitar wankery at its best. A nearly 2 minute long track which consists of almost solely back and forth, high octane guitar fretboard slaying. The amusing video the band has released for this track is definitely worth checking out also.

“Battle of Venarium” The huge, cinematically driven tale of Conan the Barbarians first battle closes out the album in grandiose fashion. Lord may well have never been a band to take themselves too seriously, but their music is a far different story. The guys are complete professionals when it comes to their music and what is on display throughout their latest album, is of once again no exception to this. Digital Lies is a world class album, by all accounts. While it may struggle/conflict with itself at times on some of the ideas and subject matter presented on the album, this is an easily forgivable thing, taking in to account the quality on offer throughout, and how much fun the album is.

Band: Lord
Album: Digital Lies
Year: 2013
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Dominus Records
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track list:
1. Incipio
2. Betrayal Blind
3. Digital Lies
4. Point of View
5. Walk Away
6. 2D Person in a 3D World
7. Final Seconds
8. The Last Encore
9. Because We Can
10. The Chalkboard Prophet
11. Battle of Venariu,



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