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Album Reviews : Fuck I’m Dead – Another Gory Mess

By on April 19, 2013

355143Released in November 2012, Fuck I’m Dead are back after 11 years with their second full-length release entitled Another Gory Mess, an incredibly apt and straight to the point title for the maniacal and brutal deathgrind’s sophomore and long awaited release. It’s certainly about time for fans of the band, as 11 years is quite a huge wait. Thankfully the results are far from something that might be disappointing.

The album starts off with a short piano instrumental, which to some peoples ears might be reminiscient of the 2011 video game Dead Island’s mildly controversial trailer. As expected, it shortly kicks off into one minute of palm muted chug ‘n’ groove, setting the stage for a what is going to be a great grinding time. Instantly noticeable is the clearer production than on say, 2001’s Bring On The Dead which may be to some fans approval, and possibly some fans disapproval. Considering the distance between both full-lengths, it isn’t illogical for a move to be made. But as with such a genre as deathgrind, nasty and dirty crypt-like production usually goes in hand with the lyrical content and style stereotypes. And any signs of “mainstream accessibility” are often scorned by diehards and even met with flat out rejection.

Not surprisingly, and pleasingly, the next track and every one after explodes into the frenetic blasts and feral barks which the band is known for.  And most tracks follow suit, offering up sick vocals, deadly chainsaw like riffage and machine gun like drums.

Something however that begins to stand out is the large use of melody and catchy hooks which really break apart the usual dominating grinding. There are surprising and attention catching moments that might make you think you’re listening to a metalcore band riffing away, and then moments that sound reminiscent of frostbitten melodic black metal. This certainly adds some more elements of listenability to those who aren’t the hugest fans of bands that to virgin ears sound like steel buckets being hit with hammers. One again, this may be to the disdain of other long-time fans as this might make the band slightly more accessible, even for a genre such as this. It is however great to see a band that’s been around for a while, and who might be expected to stick to their guns, demonstrating some real versatility.

There’s not much to add about track by track moments, other than what’s already said. In such a style as this, it’s hard for songs to be very memorable, but I’d certainly say that for grind, they’ve put a little more creative efforts into what’s going on. And there are details that really stand out amongst the songs.

In any case, FID are back, and regardless of any slight differences, for the most part it sounds like they’re having a bloody great time doing what they do best, and really gives those who will see them live, a great chance to party and skull beer. After all, this is grindcore, think less and bang your head! Another Gory Mess is a fantastic follow up to, and evolution of where they were with Bring On The Dead and a great addition to anyone’s grind collection.

Band: Fuck I’m Dead
Album: Another Gory Mess
Year: 2012
Genre: Grind
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track list:
1. Sanguinary Overture
2. Arse to Mouth
3. Paint the Town Red
4. Grave Desecrator
5. Cave In Your Cranial Cavity
6. This Is My Sickness
7. Bury the Cunt in Shit
8. Horrified
9. Blood and Bone
10. Bring Up the Bodies
11. Petrify
12. Another Gory Mess
13. Bind Torture Kill
14. Inebriated Excrement Exit
15. Boobs Blood and Gore
16. Born to Murder
17. Waft of Stench
18. Gore Grind Thrash Attack
19. Speargunned
20. Code Brown
21. Coprophobic


Timothy Richmond, AKA Mothlord is currently the vocalist for the Melbourne death metal band The Seraphim Veil. In his spare time he is an avid gamer, enjoyer of films, music lover symbiotically attatched to his iPod, artist and occasional freelance illustrator at Mothlord Art & Design.