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News : Eureka Rebellion Trading is taking over Melbourne

By on March 28, 2013

EUREKA REBELLION TRADING is situated at 454 Smith Street, Collingwood in Melbourne. The store has quickly become the mecca for tattoo lovers, hot sauce connoisseurs, horror/cult movie buffs and heavy metal fanatics. The general store stocks a plethora of heavy metal and hard rock CDs, DVDs and vinyl ranging from the latest to the most unique and rarest releases, plus horror and cult movies, collectables, graphic novels, books, art, apparel and much more!

ERT also consists of a barber shop and tattoo studio with two of Australia’s leading tattoo artists, Corey Schoermer and Adrian Monello.

Corey Schoermer – Tattoo Artist

Adrian Monello – Tattoo Artist

Adrian Monello from Paula Grusovin on Vimeo.

The likes of OPETH and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have graced the stores base of operations in the last month, browsing its wares and purchasing some of its unique items.

Fredrik Akesson - Opeth

Ph: (03) 9939 8932

Catch Tram 86 – Bundoora RMIT/Waterfront City Docklands.

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