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News : Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt to release new EP

By on March 21, 2013

Y’know one of the best things about Sydney’s Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt? Unlike so many articles, there’s no need to come up with an attention-grabbing title. It just automatically is one. But, anyway, while you’re here, the ridiculously hectic punk/grind are soon to release a new EP; Dys/Closure.

We’ve had a sneaky preview and it’s fantastic. It’s intense, almost headache-inducing, but at the same time it seems to just make sense.

“Their style combines angular, dissonant guitar chords with sharp, precise drumming and scorching mid-range vocals — a mix of early Dillinger Escape Plan, Ed Gein, Orchid, Pig Destroyer, Botch and Cursed.

Like the release before it, Dys/Closure is a piece cathartic emotional release – at times frenzied and chaotic, at others resigned and reflective. It is the sound of life’s discord; a scream hurled towards the void; a process of cleansing and rebirth. – Art As Catharis Records”

It comes out on April 15th. Two singles and a bunch of pre-order options (how rad are those shirts?) are up over at Bandcamp. Go have a listen.



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