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News : Good and bad news from the Arcane camp

By on March 10, 2013

It’s about time that Brisbane’s Arcane released some news on their next album, especially considering the brilliance that was Chronicles of the Waking Dream. Well, here we have it, straight from the band’s fingers;

“After some 3 and a half years of gathering weekly and working on new material since well before the 2009 release of our last album, we at last find ourselves in a position to confirm Arcane’s next studio album. Unfortunately, this announcement begins on a sour note.

Arcane have parted ways with our bassist Brendon Blanchard. There’s a myriad of reasons behind this, reluctantly but unanimously agreed upon by Brendon and the four members he leaves behind. We will miss Brendon dearly, we thank him for his tireless involvement and musicianship, and we will be searching for a new, full time bassist over the coming months. Interested parties please get in contact.

Although Brendon’s departure is a sad event, we are intent not to let it negatively impact our progress. We are working closely with two of Australia’s finest bassists  who will be filling session roles on the third studio work by Arcane, a new album which is, as of earlier this week, entirely written and into pre-production.

The two bassists are Brendan Brown (Ne Obliviscaris) and Mick Millard (Dead Letter Opener/formerly of Arcane), two close friends and consummate musicians. Those amongst you who follow both Brendan and Mick’s main projects will well know the skill level of these two players, and it’s safe to say we’re humbled and also a little daunted to have them both on board.

As is our usual studio protocol, in the forthcoming few months we will not be performing, or considering offers for live shows. As always, for any booking inquiries pertaining to shows later in the year, contact Welkin Entertainment.

Details on the album and its recording are forthcoming.

Jim, Mikey, Matt, Blake, Mick and Brendan.”



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