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Album Reviews : The Kill – Make ‘Em Suffer

By on February 19, 2013

The Kill - Make Em SufferGrindheads rejoice! The Kill have returned with Make ‘Em Suffer – the group’s strongest release to date.

These Melbourne grinders have been delivering short bursts of raw blasting aggression for the last 13 years – and they’re damn good at it; so good that I wouldn’t hesitate to say they’ve been atop of the international grindcore pile for a long while.

Like their other releases, this album is short, sharp and to-the-point, boasting 15 tightly-constructed violent excursions all sitting around the 70 second mark.

Jason PC (Goat Sound engineer, guitarist of Blood Duster fame) and Adam Calaitzis (Toy Land Studios) have done an admirable job capturing the bands live intensity on tape; there is not a hint of beat-replacement to be had. The mix is punchy and intense; with a roomy, natural drum sound, scorching mid-range vocals and a guitar sound that really allows for all the intricate nuances to be appreciated by all.

Grind-kiddies, get out your notebooks: THIS is EXACTLY how grindcore should be done. Make ‘Em Suffer really is a flawless, non-nonsense grind album. Fans of Kill the Client, Discordance Axis, Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, Gridlink, Water Torture (and so forth): go and buy it from Blastasfuk this instant.

The Kill just won the game of grindcore. With Make ‘Em Suffer I hope this beacon of Australian grindcore will gain the recognition they deserve.

Band: The Kill
Album: Make ‘Em Suffer
Year: 2013
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Blastasfuk Grindcore
Origin: Melbourne, Australia


  1. Cactus
  2. Extreme Little Big Man Syndrome
  3. Mowed
  4. Another Weirdo In The Mosh
  5. Fuck The Olympics
  6. Die Hards In Denim
  7. Fuckin Doyle
  8. Shower Of Bricks
  9. Second To None
  10. Blastasfuk
  11. Exercising The Demon
  12. Red Rager
  13. Necrophobiac (Slayer)
  14. Top Notch Stab Job
  15. Face off


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