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News : “Brutal shit from two cunts wallowing in Ballarat”

By on February 8, 2013

If you haven’t heard of Ballarat’s Noûs then you clearly don’t pay enough attention to this site. The doom band released a ridiculously good debut, followed by an EP with a rather interesting Ravi Shankar cover. Well it turns out that drummer Matt and vocalist Nick have been jamming together in a big of a fun, secret project called Blunt Trauma.

Despite it not really being a serious subject (“silly shit” is the term Matt used to describe it), the latest batch of tracks are actually pretty damn good, and as such the band have decided to release it online. Shotgun and a Shovel, which is actually their second release, is available over on Bandcamp as a “pay what you want” deal. Have a listen and chuck them a few dollars, it’s definitely worth it.

If you prefer something physical, they’re getting 50 copies made which will be available online and at upcoming Noûs gigs, so keep an eye out.



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