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News : Steve Hughes (Nazxul drummer-turned-comedian) is coming back to Australia

By on January 29, 2013

We’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Steve Hughes. Back in the 80’s and 90’s he was the man behind the kit for Mortal Sin, Slaughter Lord and Nazxul, and has since relocated to England where he makes his living being a funny bastard on stage. He’s one of those comedians that tackles the big issues in the bluntest way possible. And he’s coming back to Australia! Having seen him before, we’re going to go ahead and say that, for those who dig live comedy, Steve Hughes in a must-see.

“He’s back. The comic wizard with worldly insights into the bleedingly obvious returns to our shores armed with more issues than an occupy movement.

Steve Hughes tells it like it is – confronting, alarming and always hilarious.

The inimitable expatriate, ex-heavy metal drummer arrives direct from his UK tour where he’s been burning up the comedy circuit and storming sets on BBC One and
Channel 4.

Expect intelligent, straight-talking social commentary from one of the festival’s most original and thought-provoking performers.

A whirlwind of vitriolic social commentary.

Internationally renowned comic Steve Hughes lights up the room with his hour of biting political stand up. Experience one of Australia’s most original and outspoken
acts. Hughes doesn’t shy away from tackling the Big Issues in this show. Political correctness, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, asylum seekers and the War on Terror all deliver a riot of intelligent debate and laughter.

Hail the Gods of Metal and Comedy!”

2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival
Venue: The Arts Theatre
Dates: Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th February
Tickets: $30 Thur/Sun; $35/Fri/Sat
Time: 8:30pm
Bookings: or 8100 3000

2013 Brisbane Comedy Festival
Venue: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Dates: Tuesday 5th – Sunday 10th March
Tickets: $25 Tue; $30 Wed/Thur/Sun; $35 Fri/Sat
Time: 8:45pm
Bookings: or 3358 8600

2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Venue: The Forum Theatre
Dates: Thursday 18th – Saturday 20th April
Tickets: $30 Thur; $34 Fri/Sat
Time: 8:30pm
Bookings: or 1300 660 013

2013 Sydney Comedy Festival
Venue: The Enmore Theatre
Date: Saturday 1st June
Tickets $35
Time: 8:30pm
Bookings: or 9550 3666




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