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Album Reviews : Gape – Gape

By on January 7, 2013

68738_347256368694636_1819334385_nIt’s never a great sign when the best two tracks on a release are the covers at the end. There’s not really anything particularly wrong with Gape’s debut, it’s just all a bit… standard. Sure, it has everything that a slam-filled brutal death metal album should have, but there’s simply not much to it.

With only a couple of exceptions the album plods along with no real energy or groove. Things pick up with “Gape Rape” and “Penis Diddy”, with the former being surprisingly catchy, but they’re the only two tracks with any memorable aspects. “Sperm Log” through to “Cornhole Madness” (so, the first half) blends together as a series of tired slams tied together with uninspired death metal riffs and a few suitably dirty samples. Rockstar’s deep, gurgly vocals are one the redeeming factor.

If anything really stands out about Gape, it’s the final two tracks. KISS’s criminally underrated “War Machine” gets the slam treatment, and it works brilliantly. And AC/DC’s “Big Balls”, being one of the most ridiculous moments of their career, was just asking for this kind’ve cover. It calls for a Ten Masked Men marathon

Band: Gape
Album: Gape
Year: 2012
Genre: Brutal Slam Death Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Tasmania, Australia

Track list:
1. Sperm Log
2. Shit Swapping Sluts
3. Raped in the Dick Hole
4. Cornhole Madness
5. Gape Rape
6. Penis Diddy
7. War Machine (KISS cover)
8. Big Balls (AC/DC cover)


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