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News : Denouncement Pyre album teaser online, 7″ released

By on January 3, 2013

Attention all black metal fans: Almighty Arcanum, the new album from Melbourne’s Denouncement Pyre, is getting close. January 22nd will see the album released internationally on both CD and LP formats through Hells Headbangers. Below is the first teaser from the release, and to say it’s sounding promising would be an understatement.

“Total Darkness. Total Death. The unification of all that was, is and will be: await Almighty Arcanum…”

The Darkness Manifest EP, a bit of a prequel to the album, is already available to purchase, including some absolutely brilliant artwork. And, while it may be a while away, add these dates to your diary (if you live in the right state, of course);

April 6th @ Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Erebus Enthroned, Convent Guilt and Black Jesus

April 13th @ Crowbar, Brisbane
w/ Grave Upheavel and Consummation


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