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News : Who’s up for a fresh batch of Bonox… I mean a new King Parrot video?

By on December 19, 2012

Melbourne thrash/grind band King Parrot have dominated the Australian music scene this year. With the release of a brand new album ‘Bite Your Head Off’ which was very well received, and extensive touring across Australia (most of the shows being on Bastardfest), the band have left their mark and proven that they’re one of the best upcoming extreme metal acts. But what better way can you finish off an exciting year than releasing an incredible music video for the song ‘Shit On The Liver’.

The bands image in this video is practically a mockery of black metal. But this video is too good, so I’m not going to get into explanation and ruin the whole video for you. Just trust my word that it’s awesome and watch it below, so you don’t hurt Slatts’ feelings…

On another note, King Parrot will be touring a tour across the east coast of Australia throughout January. Three of those shows will be apart of the Devil’s Kitchen Festival. Check out their tour dates below.

Saturday 5 January @ The Tote (Devil’s Kitchen Festival) in Melbourne

Thursday 10 January @ The Pot Belly in Canberra

Friday 11 January @ Barcode in Wollongong

Saturday 12 January @ The Bald Faced Stag (Devil’s Kitchen Festival) in Sydney

Friday 18 January @ Miami Shark Bar in Gold Coast

Saturday 19 January @ The Beetle Bar (Devil’s Kitchen Festival) in Brisbane


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