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News : Looking for some new symphonic black metal? How about Aberration Nexus

By on December 4, 2012

One-man symphonic black metal project Aberration Nexus is currently working on a debut album, and while instrumental demos have been on the internet for quite a while, the release is finally getting closer. The one man behind the project Chris Meyer, formerly of Kaamora and Inverted Prophet, has stated early next year sometime, but nothing more specific than that.

Now, we just play the waiting games for some recordings with vocals. The instrumental tracks certainly show promise, but the vocals could really make it. According to an interview over at Written Blood Interviews;

“The vocals will have a very sarcastic even psychotic revelry in the apocalyptic chaos.  Lyrically, it will deal with the unfolding of the end of life as we know it. Mostly from a spectatorial vantage point, watching the chaos unfold & being powerless to avert it. The concept roughly follows the sequence of events where the signs are ignored, the battles and various doomsday scenarios happen, everything that we knew, gone and nothing remaining. The final dying curse of humanity to their gods and the eventual descent into universal entropy…”



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