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News : Portal announce new album, causing every other album to simply not matter

By on November 30, 2012

It’s hard believing that Swarth is three year old now. The album is still just as horrifying, and absolutely intense, as it was upon release. But, it’s time to move on, to Vexovoid. Now, as with a lot of words that Portal use, we have absolutely zero idea what that means, with the obvious exception of “music that will make you shit your pants”.

There doesn’t seem to be any other public information about the album, other than its due date of Feb 19nd 2013, and a slightly longer wait for the vinyl. Oh, and it’ll be the first album with new bassist Omenous Fugue, who is apparently usually a guitarist outside of Portal. So it’ll be interesting to hear the new angle that the bass work takes.

I guess not we all just cross our fingers for a national tour. Those in Adelaide, however (it’s about time you guys got something the rest of us didn’t!) you can catch them at a phenomenal show alongside Mournful Congregation, Inverloch, Innsmouth, Johnny Tough, Rote Mare and Oath of Damnation at Fowlers Live on March 23rd 2013. Tickets are just under $25 from Venuetix.


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