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News : No Anchor release “the most No Anchor of all the No Anchor records”

By on November 27, 2012

We’ve said many times before how killer No Anchor are, but we can never say it too much. The band (two bassists and a drummer) are constantly releasing all sorts of raw, sludgy rock releases, and they’re consistently fantastic. They’re one of those bands who can walk into the “studio” and just vomit out a delicious album in no time at all. As you’ll read, in the following story from bassist and vocalist Ian Keith Rogers…

“Early in 2012 my sludge-rock band (and cited COUNTER-CULTURE SAVIOURS), No Anchor reconvened to Nowhere Studios (aka Donnie’s house aka our practice room) with a pretty fixed idea: make a record quickly. Deadlines loomed. My life beckoned me overseas. It was act fast or give up.

The result: a full album and three split seven inches (including a forth-coming one for esteemed US label Amphetamine Reptile) were produced in about 6 weeks.

Not bad for a bunch of amateurs.

The jewel in this dung pile is the fourth No Anchor album. An accurate and timely portrayal of our weird and bone-headed rock band made even more so under time pressure. So prepared songs were dutifully tracked. New songs were slapped together. Old songs hauled into line. And some ghostly tracks just appeared. Chances were taken – always, at every turn – and why the fuck not? The damned thing probably isn’t even going to get finished and mixed and released anyhow. That’s what I told myself. Nothing mattered, just get something down so we can remember the songs.

A theme developed: ‘The Golden Bridge’ a legal terminology for that long stretch of humanity that exists between mundane good and everyday evil. The perfect metaphor, a catch-all for a collection of songs that can’t decide between righteous anger (Oh Kill) and apathetic nihilism (Slabs, Electricity), between the best impulses toward pop brevity and hooks (Anna, Slack Sabbath) and the worst of suburban metal eccentricites (Shut Yr Mouth, Woodman). We wanted a title that acknowledged the situation and we found it. It helped us realise it was an album. That’s what happened.

So this is the most No Anchor of all the No Anchor records. A really conflicted and confusing collection of things made by regular human beings who aren’t any one way or the other either. Just three people, some gear, some cats, a house and a glorious distortion of things. A fucking mess, through and through. And what should have been a nightmare – seeing ourselves reflected so clearly in the end result – wasn’t. Not at all. Because every moment of this was a free one.”

And best of all? The album is already out, for the bargain price of whatever-you-want-to-pay (or there is a very sexy vinyl version). Go to their Bandcamp page, and grab it, as well as all of their other releases.


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