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News : Free Devil’s Kitchen compilation feat. King Parrot, Shellfin, Winterun and more

By on November 26, 2012

As you may have heard, good time stoner-punk-death-boogie-sex-rock showcase Devil’s Kitchen Festival is making a return in 2013, with some mighty fine lineups. There are a whole lot of bands involved though, so chances are you there are a few that you won’t know (we certainly don’t). Well, Art As Catharsis to the rescue!

Over on their Bandcamp page, you can now download a free compilation with tracks from Chainsaw Hookers, Ironside, Nunchukka Superfly, Mammoth Mammoth, Shellfin , King Parrot, River of Snakes, Kids of Zoo, Death Valley Nights, Battle Pope, The Sure Midnights, Bloody Kids, Dead End Kings, Wicked City, Witch Fight, Winterun, Adrift For Days, Mother Mars and Slow Riots. Now that’s a tasty list.

Full festival details are:

Saturday 5th Jan 2013 @ The Tote, Melbourne
Presented by The Little Bird Agency + magazine
King Parrot, Mammoth Mammoth, Chainsaw Hookers, Wicked City, BMX-Ray, Kids of Zoo, Clagg, River of Snakes, My left Boot, The Sure Fire Midnights, Bodies, Don Fernando, Agonhymn, Winterun and We Are Gamma.
Get your ticket here.

Saturday 12th Jan 2013 @ The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
Presented by The Little Bird Agency + Art As Catharsis
Nunchukka Superfly, King Parrot, Chainsaw Hookers, Wicked City, Mother Mars, The Sure Fire Midnights, Adrift For Days, We Are Gamma, Arrowhead, Bloody Kids, Battle Pope, Witch Fight and Yanomamo.
Tickets from here.

Saturday 19th Jan 2013 @ The Beetle Bar, Brisbane
Presented by The Little Bird Agency + Soul Trader Entertainment
Fort, Giants of Science, Shellfin, The Blackwater Fever, King Parrot, The Smokestack Orchestra, BMX-Ray, Death Valley Nights, Ironside, F1-Elevens, Dead End Kings, Slow Riots, Sons of the Soil and The Stone Fox.
Here’s the ticket link. 



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