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News : Arcane and Caligula’s Horse members release superb post-rock/ambient album

By on November 21, 2012

Remember back when we ran an article about upcoming site changes, and one of the listed updates was that we’d be covering a wider range of genres? Well, yeah, that. Although, they are somewhat relevant seeing as they have members of rad bands Arcane and Caligula’s Horse. But anyway, onto the topic at hand;

Up in Brisbane, there’s a band called Echotide who recently released their debut As Our Floodlights Gave Way To Dawn and it’s superb, if you have patience. The instrumental trio have a real knack for atmospheric music, with the album sitting in that nice little area between post-rock and ambient. It even has rain sounds.

If other Australian bands like sleepmakeswaves, Hazards of Swimming Naked and Jakob (New Zealand is close enough…) then get your hands on this free download immediately. Headphones are a must.


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